Written by Adrian

9 Aug 2011

Thanks so much for your comments on my story,I was surprised as I think I expected I should have been using more explicit language,I find I can't do that.

You have asked me to elaborate further on our initial sexual discovery of each others bodies.When we arrived at his house from the swimming baths it was an awkward moment,it was as if that moment of sexual arousal which had occurred in the showers had somehow passed but his gentleness and maturity prevailed.

We don't have to take this any further unless you are completely sure its what you want,he said in his soft voice,his voice sounded so sensual I knew it was what I wanted,I felt a tremor go through my body.We were standing in his lounge,he reached and touched my lips with his fingers,I want to he said but only if you want to,I held his fingers onto my lips and kissed them.

Just seeing him unbutton his shirt was sexually arousing,even though I'd seen it before seeing him so sensually expose his chest was erotic,his nipples appeared more pronounced than I'd previously noticed,our eyes remained locked in a kind of embrace.He undid and lowered his pants at the same sensual pace,I could see outlined against his undies that like his nipples his penis was in a state of arousal,the only time we lost eye contact was when he bent to remove his pants and shoes.

Seeing him standing there the movement of his erect penis still encased in his underwear was so erotic,he touched my lips again with him fingers and immediately felt my response.He moved closer to me and undid my shirt,his fingers that had so lovingly touched my lips now gently brushed my nipples,my body shook as he removed my shirt.

He replaced his fingers on my nipples with his lips,kissing them and then touched each with the tip of his tongue,I knew I loved this man.His tongue continued to touch my nipples as he undid my pants,already my penis was aching for his touch,even though never in my life had a strange hand touched my body there.

He knelt to remove my pants and kissed my erect penis through the material of my underpants,as he stood up he took me in an embrace drawing us close together his hands settling tightly on the cheeks of my bottom pulling our penis's into an embrace.

His lips found my lips and I experienced my first sensuous adult kiss and the first touch of another persons tongue on mine,his hands moved down inside my underpants onto my naked skin,his tongue was deep in my mouth.His hands inside my underpants slowly moved onto my hips then one moved further towards my groin,I felt his fingers touch my penis for the first time,breathing was becoming impossible.

It felt as though I had waited all my life for this moment as inside the confines of my underpants his soft warm fingers closed around penis and held it gently but firmly its pulsing suddenly seeming to take over my whole body.

I know the urge to masturbate and ejaculate is something every man experiences and for personal reasons I had often resisted that urge,preferring it to happen naturally while I slept,but now that urge was completely beyond my control,with just the slightest movement of his hand ejaculation was inevitable,he knew it and gently increased his grip on my penis and pulled me closer to him.

My body had never experienced such uncontrolled power as my testicles emptied their contents and I had never experienced ejaculating such copious amounts of semen,filling his hand and saturating my underpants.His loving firm grip remained around my penis until my thrusting abated.

Only then was I aware that he had moved his other hand inside his underpants and was masturbating himself,quickly achieving his own ejaculation.He guided me to his bathroom where we both removed our semen saturated underpants and enjoyed the pleasure of our first shared shower and within a short period of time my first experience of masturbating another mans penis and a mutual ejaculation,I love him.