Written by rorty88

1 Apr 2016

I had an upcoming trip to Amsterdam and wanted to let my hair down. I had heard of a busy cruise club close to Centraal called Drakes. I waited until my second day and left my hotel, heading to a nearby coffee shop for some Dutch courage. I had scouted out the location of the place the day before so I knew where it was. Just walking past the place made me very nervous. The thought of going in and paying admission made me scream from the inside. After a couple of vaporisers of some liberty haze, my worries subsided and I was sufficiently buzzed to walk into Drakes.

Or at least I thought I was. I walked past the place two or three times before manning up and walking in. I asked for admission for an under 25 year old (we go free) and boom, the guy pointed me in the direction of the stairs. I was nervous as hell but the adrenaline kept me going. I walked up the stairs and my eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness. Not wanting to stand around for too long I dived into a DVD gloryhole cabin. I put some shemale porn on the TV to ease me into the thought of being with another man. Men don’t attract me at all but the thought of being objectified during sex really turns me on. I’d love to be a sex slave for the right guy. I pulled down my pants and begun stroking my throbbing erection. There were mirrors on the door and the cubicles either side of me both became occupied. I carried on slowly touching myself and after a minute or so, two fingers came through the hole to my left, making a come here motion. I thought about it for a few seconds. Who was behind the partition? How old were they? What was their name? What did they look like? Eventually I stood up and stuck my dick into the unknown. It took about 5 seconds for any sort of contact to be made. My dick was exposed but nothing happened until I felt a tongue slightly brush the end of my cock. I’m uncut and it swirled under my fore skin round and round like you’d suck on a lollipop. It wasn’t long before all hell was unleashed and a tidal wave of sensation came over me. I don’t know what motions were being made but it felt good. It wasn’t long before I long was buckling at the knees and shooting my load into the throat of a stranger. I kept my dick through the partition as it was sucked dry long after I stopped cumming.

I pulled away from the wall and did my pants up, sitting exhausted for a second. Then, before a dick came through with my name on it, I exited the cubicle, fled down the stairs and back to the coffee shop to think through my sins.