Written by paddy

5 Sep 2012


The moment was so exciting and with the added passion I made a choice, my hand reached out and accepted the two parcels with a hint of nervousness, breaking the seal on the condom I pondered am I/We doing the right thing.

I rolled the condom onto my now very erect penis and coated it with lube, my mate turned his head and said “I’ve longed for this”

I immediately applied a generous amount of lube to my finger, turning my mate on his back; we began snogging again, my finger probing his anus in anticipation for what he was about to experience.

I asked “You still want this” there was a pause then “Yes, I want to” I edged the head of my penis toward his anus and cautiously teased the entrance, “If you want me to stop, just say so”

I started pushing, It was very tight, He moaned “it’s sore but please continue”, I grabbed the lube applying vast amounts around his entrance, one big push and I was in, he squealed, the passionate snogging and the intensity drew away from the initial discomfort.

I drew his legs over my shoulders and began with slow thrusts, easing in and out gently until he was more comfortable and relaxed, the feeling was amazing as I snogged him, and his breathing became more rapid, as did mine.

He grabbed his penis and began to work on it as my strokes became faster and stronger, his moans of enjoyment brought me faster to climaxing, I hailed “ I’m about to release here” and on one final thrust emptied myself deep within him.

I withdrew and removed the condom, embracing each other we didn’t speak until he said “Fantastic, our pints on Friday will now seem a little strange, let’s not go to the toilet at the same time, as I’ll want more”