Written by b111y

1 Jul 2009

The title is self explanatory so here goes, first time poster here so be gentle with me.

It happened in Germany I was there alone and found myself with a loose afternoon and on my wandering, it was in Cologne for those interested, had gone into the gay area. I sat for a while in a drag bar have an afternoon drink then as I moved on thinking of heading back to the hotel I found myself opposite an adult store and went in for a browse. Inside I discovered it had a cinema and paying and entering sat an started to watch the film.

As my eyes grew accustomed I could see it was well attended and there was some very hot action going on off screen. I love to cross dress myself but wasnt on this occassion but enjoyed the view of some good cd action. As I watched I felt a hand on my leg and looked to see an old man about 60 next to me smiling. Looking into my eyes he calmly unzipped me and eased my cock out, it was hard from watching all the action and I'm about 5.5" cut with a nice mushroom head. His practised hands slid along my cock as i looked at him and the few guys looking at us. Suddenly i found myself moving my head towards his exposed cock. I hadnt done this since university many years ago but found myself sliding him into my mouth and sucking in my cheeks as i went down he was clearly surprised as I heard him gasp and my hands slid down to cup his balls - heavy and full. He was still masturbating me and I moved his hand away to give me more comfortable access to him as I knelt between his legs. As I worked sliding my warm and damp tight mouth along him - I dont enjoy blow jobs that are a mouthfull of spit so never give them like that myself I always try to keep it feeling like a warm tight pussy for the guys- he was caressing my hair and shortly I felt his legs shake and he tightened in my mouth, he was about to cum "No" i thought I couldnt, wasnt ready to have a guy cum in my mouth so I pulled away taking his load, and it was a heavy load, over my face and shirt.

Looking down at him I could see he had gone limp and as i sat back in my seat I let my head drop into his lap and once again to my surprise I found myself sucking his limp cock cleaning him up. When he was clean I politley put him back into his pants and zipped him up. "Danke" he said moving away. Unsurprisingly I found myself spending my night there as well. I hope you enjoyed.