Written by Rick

14 Mar 2011

I posted 'My First Time' on this site so I thought I'd do a follow up...

Since that first time myself and Joe had exchanged a few texts and phone calls and we were both keen for another meet. I discovered that Joe was married but his wife was rarely interested in sex and didn't even do blow jobs. We were both free one weekday and Joe asked me to meet him at his work and so I made my way there. I had to wait, parked up round the corner for a few minutes whilst the other workers left. I then received a call to say that it was now 'all clear' and I drove and parked in a car park of a small office block. Joe met me at the door and it was obvious he was keen as I could see that he had a hard on, straining against his trousers!! We walked up and into an office and immediatly, Joe kissed me passionately - his hard on rubbing against mine. We quiclky got undressed - hardly having said a word, and Joe started to suck me. I learnt back against a desk and enjoyed the sensation. After a short while, Joe stood up and lay back on the desk and I sucked him - the second time in my life that I had a cock in my mouth. After a few minutes, Joe stood up and fetched a condom and some lube. This time he handed me some anti-septic wipes, and told me to wipe myself thoroughly. I was a bit confused but did so, and Joe then bent me over the desk. Then, instead of his cock I felt his tongue hungrily licking my hole. I'd never felt this sensation before and wow!! I was in heaven!! I let out gasps of pleasure and Joe reached around and played with my hard on, which only made it more pleasurable. I felt I was going to cum and after a while, I heard Joe opening a condom and spreading cold lube on my bum, and slipped in a finger. I relaxed as much as I could and then felt his cock easing into me. I'd never have believd that I could be this submissive, but whilst I was being fucked, I actually said, "Fuck me!" - which made Joe increase his speed. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain on my ass cheek and a loud noise, and Joe was spanking me!! I didn't object, and so he did it a few more times - getting harder. He increased his speed and then pulled my hair back with one hand.... I was his slut..!!! After a few minutes, a had an orgasm on the desk. Soon after, Joe whipped off the condom and came on my back, and collapsed next to me. After getting our breath back, we both cleaned ourselves and tidied up the office. Joe had to rush off home, and as I walked back to my car, I somehow believed that anyone who saw me knew exasctly what I'd been up to...!! I'd now had my arse licked and I'd really enjoyed it.

If anyone enjoys these true tales, i may post some more. Let me know.