Written by Theo

31 May 2012

I share this pc so I'm a bit nervous about doing something like this,firstly,I'm not sure that I'm gay and also my mum uses this as well and she's always going on about me getting myself a nice girlfriend.I'm 19 now but for some time I've fantasised about mutual masturbation with another man.I could'nt believe how common this is,I thought it was just me,but when I accidently came across this site recently and started to secretly read the stories about men having sex with each other,and I realise that everything they say may not be true,I knew that gay men had sex with each other but I'd never even thought about there being gay men who have sex with a complete stranger.

It was on this site that I first read about men having sex in public toilets and so many of the stories saying that it didn't happen anymore,I hope that what I'm going to write next is safe.Today is my day off its raining and my mum is gone to work,I woke up as I often do with an erection,usually if my mum is at work I take my time and masturbate,I know it sounds pathetic but I'd hate her to know that I do something like that,not too long ago she came in to my bedroom to wake me,she used to playfully pull the bedspread off me to make sure I was awake,I'm can't remember doing it but for some reason I must have removed my undies,which I usually sleep in,so I was naked and had an erection and was layed on my back,I think she was completely shocked and we hardly spoke for a week,it was without doubt the most embarrassing moment of my life.

Sorry if I'm going on a bit,I'm naked as I'm writing this and don't know if perhaps I should masturbate which I've done recently when I've started to write and I end up not writing,I'm dying to come off.

Here goes,I've just stopped myself coming off,I was in the park in Wilmslow which is five miles from where I live,I'd walked down along the river bank for about a mile or so,there was nobody anywhere near,or at least so I thought.I was walking by some bushes and my attention was drawn to a noise,I don't know if he did it on purpose or not but I could just make out what looked like a mans back,at least I assumed it was a man,because whoever it was was naked.

I stopped for a couple of seconds and watched,I didn't need to be Einstein to work out that he was masturbating,I could see the way his arm was moving,he turned sideways a bit and for the first time in my life I saw another man masturbating,the impact on me was unbelievable.I was wearing shorts and right away I started to get an erection,I walked on a bit,I was shaking like a leaf but could'nt stop my urge to masturbate,but also had a massive need to go back and see him doing it.

At first I could'nt see him but then he came from behind some thicker bushes ,now he was facing me fully,his hand moving rapidly up and down on his cock,my own cock was hard and throbbing in my shorts,he beckoned for me to join him,when I think of it now,I can hardly believe I did it.

He led me further into the bushes to a little clearing where his clothes were nearly stacked,I didn't try to stop him as he litterally undressed me after he'd put his hand inside my undies and did what I'd fantasised about for so long,he put his fangers around my cock.I was completely passive at first letting him get me completely naked and start masturbating me,I wanted to hold his cock and masturbate him but wasn't sure until he took my hand and placed my fingers around it,we started mutually masturbating each other,not a single word had been spoken.

It did'nt take long for me to want to come off,I tried to hold on but could'nt,he took my hand and indicated for me to masturbate him faster,I did.I watched myself ejaculate seconds before he started.We stood there masturbating each other until we both finished,he had tissues which he gave me and still not a word had been spoken,we cleaned ourselves got dressed and parted.