Written by always ready

22 May 2012

My parents were away and I had been sent to my aunts for three weeks. I was lucky because she always want to work in the afternoon and did not return until around 9 pm. It took me a couple of days to find the right toilet and very soon my afternoons were taken up by having sex with older men.

I became aware of a man probably around 45, which was my lowest limit, watching me have sex with the other men. Two days running he acted as a look out as I allowed several men to have sex with me and once he last one had cum over me and left I asked him if he wanted relief. He told me he wanted me to come to his flat and have sex with a mate of his who was around 60.

I never really gave it a second thought and followed him to his flat. He took me into a bedroom gave me a drink and asked me to have a shower and he would get his mate round. I stripped off and spent several minutes showering. I walked back into the room to find a naked man standing there wanking himself. As soon as he saw me he got hard. I have never been able to resist a hard cock and here was a man in his 60's with a raging hard on. To cut a long story short we had some good sex for about an hour and he gave me two loads of cum and then left. The other man came in and I expected him to want sex but he said no not until I had been with more men. He asked me to return the following day and he would line up some men for me.

At mid day I returned with my heart pounding this was so exciting and I had hours of time. He again took me into the bedroom but it have been made very seductive with dark red lighting and soft music he told me it was more relaxing. The man from the previous day came in and told me to undress. They hen took me into the bathroom and made me shower again and then they took all my body hair off round my bum,cock and arms. As I am blond and did not have much hair it did not take long.

Right on time the bell rang at 1pm and the first man came in. I could tell he was nervous he was around 60 a little overweight and very shy. I walked up to him feeling his eyes devouring my body and rubbed his cock while asking him what he liked to do. He tole me he wanted me to suck him off first and then he wanted to fuck me. In no time he was naked and I was kneeling in front of him with his cock hardening in my mouth. As I worked on him he held my head and just fucked my mouth. In very short time I could feel him building up to a climax and pulled back a little to make him last but he held my head tight and continued fucking my mouth. With a huge moan he jerked forward and I felt string of cum hitting my throat as he jerked in my mouth. When he pulled out I showed him my mouth full and then swallowed it all down. We had a drink while he played with my cock and bum and then he asked me kneel on the bed. He shuffled around behind me and I felt ky jelly on my bum followed by him slapping his cock on my bum getting it hard then without warning he shoved it up me making me lie flat with his knees either side of my hips. He fucked me until he again shot a load up me quickly got up dressed and left leaving me lying naked on the bed wondering if I had done something wrong. When the other men came in they told me that he had told them he normally could not do it twice but he found me really sexy and wanted to come back in a couple of days.

I got showered again and soon the next man arrived. This was very different he stripped off very quickly and said he wanted to suck me was hat ok, silly question!!. He spent ages licking me all over and sucking me. I tried to suck him but he said no. He knelt in front of me but a pillow under my bum and then lowered me onto his long hard cock as my legs wrapped round his waist. This was heaven his hard cock slid in and out of me gently when he started to wank me. I could not hold back and started to spurt strings of cum up my chest and some even hit my face. This made him groan and I felt his cock expand inside me and he looked me in the eye as his face contorted and his cock shot it all into me. I took a glob of my own cum and still with eye contact licked it off my fingers. He told me not to as he was going to wash it all off. I did not understand and squeezed him inside me as he was still hard. He slowly grew smaller and when semi hard he slid out of me and his cock was resting in my groin. I closed my eyes enjoying the aftermath of great sex when a spurt of hot liquid hit my chest. My eyes shot open to see a second squirt of hot pee shooting from his cock onto my chest. He groaned told me to stay still and then another lot this time all over my face dripping down my chest. He was peeing like you cum in long spurts then a gap then another squirt. He did this six or seven times then jumped up and squatted over me this time a constant stream of pee all over my face chest and then my cock and balls. He then flipped me over and peed over my back and bum. I loved it and got hard again but so did he and he slid his cock up me again and frantically fucked me as our bodies squelched together. As soon as he had cum he very quickly left and I again wondered if I had done ok. When the other guys came in I felt ashamed about the mess but they told me they knew he would do that and he also wanted to come back again.

They cleaned up and I showered again still feeling really horny and waited for the next man. In total four more men were satisfied and it was only 5pm. The other two men asked me if I could have handled more and I said maybe a couple. I was then given a fabulous blow job by the old man and returned home happy and satisfied.

The next day I was back again and they told me the first man was already there so I stripped off in another room and went into the bedroom to find a man who must of been 70 lying on his back wanking. He told me to lube up and get it in before he lost his hard on. I knelt over him and lowered my self onto his nearly hard cock. He came really quickly and left before I could get cleaned up another naked man was in the room asking me if I had cum in me. When i said yes he made me bend over the end of the bad and fucked me stupid for about 5 minutes before grunting and shooting up me, slapped me on the bum and walked out. The two men came in told me I had done well and then told me the next guy wanted undies. Fifteen minutes later I had full make up on jelled hair and really sexy stockings and garter belt. The next man could not believe his eyes he slobbered all over me licked my bum and cock sucked my nipples. He made me walk around the room bend over in front of him and then while I knelt on the floor he wanked all over my bum and put streams of cum all down my stockings. I stayed in my stocking and the next three men enjoyed sloppy seconds and more as I get them to cum over me. In totsl another four men had sex with me and not one had made me cum.

The two men came in and made me sit down and then gave me a bundle of money. They told me I had actually been paid to have sex with all the men and most wanted to come back again for more. They promised to split it down the middle but wanted me to do the next 10 days for them before I went home. Now i understood why most of them left so quickly and I found this really funny. The realism was that they could have had it for free if they had met me in the local park!!

For the next 10 days I was capitalised on and I had sex with between 10 and twelve men a day. There was not one that I would not have allowed to enjoy me if I had met them somewhere else. The man who peed on me came back 5 times and told me he could not get anyone to let him do it which is why he paid. I did give him my phone number but he was the only one. The two men implored me to come back as I was such a money spinner but I said no. It was a great experience which could have gone very wrong but one which I look back with fondness