Written by Killian

22 Oct 2012

Up to very recently i was using a site on here that has short videos showing sex.I was using them every day for wanking,at first it was men fucking women and though Ive never seen a real naked woman ,seeing naked women with their fannys opened up wide was when I think i first started to think i must be gay because I was really turned on by seeing the naked men and would be a bit upset when they spunked inside a fanny,i loved seeing them spunking,I usually spunked myself when i was seeing them taking their cock out before spunking and with it all wet wanking themselves off.

The first time i saw a fella put his cock into one of the girls arseholes I got unbelievably cock happy and wanked like fuck.I went on to a gay site,at first I wasnt sure what would be on there but for me this was it,i knew i must be gay,Im just 18 yrs old and it was seeing older men with younger men on them sites ,seeingthem wanking and sucking each other off I it was what i wanted to do.

Then about 3 wks ago I was out jogging,it was raining i was resting in a bit of a hidyhole out of the rain when this guy came in beside me ,he was sweating and panting,he only had a pair of shorts on which were soaking wet,he was a lot older than me he was on about the bad summer weve had but as he did so he just took his shorts off and started to ring them out,underneath he was wearing the tiniest pair of briefs you can imagine,they were also wet,they were white and the outline of his cock against the wet material was completely clear.It was as if i was back looking at a video but this was a foot away from me,I couldnt stopp myself looking at it and it was as if he knew,without saying anything he pushed the tiny little things down and stepped out of them.His cock sprang out and was already at half mast,I already had a hardon,he seemed to know exactly what I was thinking,he reached his hand out and touched the front of my shorts,it was as if I was completely parlysed I made no attempt tp stop him undoing my shorts ,I dont wear undies underneath ,he was wanking me and taking my hand and putting it around his cock,Id seen on the videos other mens cocks twitching and thobbing but now I was feeling it for the first time.

It seemed to be only seconds before I started to spunk,i couldnt stop it happening,then he was spunking too.The whole thing seemed to last only a matter of minutes.I watched as he squeesed the remnants of his spunk out of his cock,he pulled the little undies back on then the shorts,he said see you around and just ran off.It was only then it occurred to me that we could have been caught.Ive gone that way a few times since but so far its been a one off.I know now that I want to have sex with men and the funny thing is Ive got myself some of them sexy little undies.