19 Feb 2016


I want to share this for all bi-curious guys

A couple of months ago I was waiting for a bus minding my own business.

A guy walk pass me and smiled at me. My gaze followed him and for some unknown reason I walked down the road in his direction.

He went to his home and I hung around outside not expecting anything. After about a couple of minutes he asked me in.

I dont know what came over me but I went to him in his kitchen and put my tongue in his mouth. I haven't had a hard cock like that in years - I was in a another world.

He was rubbing my cock and I was very close to cumming. I stopped him and unzipped his trousers and took his cock into my mouth. His foreskin quickly came back to reveal a beautiful head which I tickled with the end of my tongue. He came pretty quickly and his juice was in and around my mouth.

We went to his living room and I sucked and rimmed him. I offered him to bareback me, which he did. It hurt at first but he took me to the most massive orgasm I have ever had. I haven't cum like that ever.

I was the most incredible experience of my life and my message is that if you are bi-curious just let yourself go and try to please you partner.