Written by Jeremy

6 Apr 2010

I'm a 19yr. old man who still lives at home with his mother,my father left many years ago.I've been reading stories on this site when my mothers not around,I'd like to join up but I daren't,she checks everything,I've known for some time that I'm gay and I'm always looking for pictures of naked men,up to last week I'd never had sex with anybody.

I was away from home last week on an interview,it was a two day thing,I had my first interview in the morning and was free for the rest of the day.After I'd had some lunch I went for a walk along a local canal bank.After about a mile and in the middle of nowhere I sat on a bench just watching the water.

I was there about 10 minutes when a man came walking by,he stopped and started talking to me,just about the weather and things,he was really friendly.He sat on the seat next to me and we were having general chit chat,somehow the conversation got around to sex,being gay I didn't really want to have the conversation,I probably should have left.

I think he must have assumed I was there for sex,which had not crossed my mind.He produced his mobile and blatantly started to show me pictures of naked men with erections,I still didn't leave,then there was pictures of men sucking cocks.I realised I had an erection and even though it was fairly cold I could feel myself sweating,he was talking but I have no memory of what he was saying.

He was showing me a video clip of himself dressed in womens underwear wanking himself.He undid his pants and took his cock out,it was fully erect,that was the first time I'd ever seen another mans cock in an erect state in real life,I could feel myself shaking.

As if reading my mind he said,not your first time is it,even if I wanted to I couldn't answer.Sorry he said as he put it back in his pants,I thought,well you know,he stopped talking,I think the fact that I said nothing told him something.

Do you want to go somewhere more private he said,suddenly I knew I did,come on he said.Without a word we walked on for about 10 minutes,my knees were trembling.He went through a small gate under some bushes,if you didn't know it was there you'd have walked by.

There was a kind of shrubbery a little bit along,he went between some branches I followed,it was like being in a Wendy house,a completely secluded area with a smooth leaf covered floor.Relax he said we're completely safe here,then his fingers touched the front of my pants,I made no attempt to stop him.

He undid my belt,my cock was rapidly becoming erect,I let him lower my zip,relax my young friend he said,I could hardly breath,I felt his hand reach inside and immediately touch my cock which was now rock hard.Thats nice he said thats nice,his fingers encircling it and squeesing gently.

He removed his hand and lifted my teeshirt over my head and kissed both my nipples,my pants fell down to my ankles.He got on his knees and removed my pants,my cock was standing upright from the waistband of my undies.He reached for my undies a moved them down I willingly stepped out of them,I was completely naked.

His fingers went around my cock again and I experienced a man wanking me for the first time,something I'd fantasised about many times,I didn't want it to stop.He stood up and started to undress,I realised he was wearing the same womens underwear he had on in the video clip,I couldn't believe how much I liked it.

His cock was bigger than mine and stood well out of the knickers held against his stomach by the suspender belt he was wearing,the bra was tight and made it look like he had breasts.He put his arms around me and rubbed himself from side to side against me our cocks pressed together his hands holding the cheeks of my bottom in a tight grip.

He took hold of my hand and put it between us and put my fingers around his cock,that was an unbelievable moment,I instinctively started to wank him,our hands rubbed together as we stood close together wanking each other.Nothing else in the world mattered at that moment,I knew that at last I was going to come off with another man.

He whispered in my ear,do you want to come off,yes I whispered back,do you want me to wank you or suck you off he whispered,I have no idea why we were whispering.I wasn't sure about being sucked and I was more than enjoying his hand,wank me I said,are you ready he whispered ,moving away a little.

Lets wank each other off together he said as his hand moved faster up and down my cock.His was out from the suspender belt,at least I knew how to wank a cock,I'd practised often on my own.Both our hands got faster and faster.

I felt my spunk rise from somewhere so deep I didn't believe it possible,he made no attempt to avoid it as it hit with force against his body clinging to his bra knickers and belt.Then I felt the heat of his spunk as it splashed against my body and down onto my cock which he was still wanking,we came to mutual stop both our cocks losing a little of their erectness.

He was prepared, he took a bundle of tissues from his pocket,you never know he smiled,did you enjoy it,he knew by my face that I did.I'll be around here again tomorrow if you fancy,we got dressed.I should have been going home the following day,I'd have to think of an excuse for my mother.