Written by My L Plate.

25 Oct 2011

Like a lot of young gay men I didnt exactly broadcast my sexuality,Im a small guy 5ft.2ins.but I wouldnt say Im feminine,well I dont think I am. At school I was aware of other boys bits and even though I had small bits it didnt worry me because I was a small guy anyway,some lads took the piss but I didnt let it worry me.

Some years later I took an interest in mens cocks was when I started going in public toilets,I have no idea what drew me to them places,maybe just curiousity,I dont know.

I quickly noticed that guys were waiting for cubicles to vacate in one particular and also the looks between men who were waiting.Every so often a guy would speak to me when we were standing at the urinal,just about the weather or how busy it was in the toilet,invariably they would turn towards me as they spoke letting me have sight of their cock,I was still at that innocent stage where I didnt really cop on what was going on,I didnt even try not to look at their cocks and I didnt mind them looking at mine and the size difference didnt matter to me.I was so innocent I didnt even realise that they were in some cases actually wanking.

In one toilet I used to go into I remember standing at the urinal on my own,the two cubicles behind me were occupied,I remember hearing this noise coming from one of them,a grunting heavy breathing kind of noise and I thought I could hear whispering,for some reason I tried one of the doors and that was my first what I would call real experience of homosexual behaviour.

The door pushed open and at first I didnt notice him,then I saw him,he was standing on the wooden boxlike cistern,he was completely naked,his back was turned to me,he was looking over the partition into the cubicle next door,he was grunting and breathing heavy and I could see he was wanking himself.

The sight of what he was doing stopped me in my tracks,I had never actually seen a completely naked man before and I wasnt expecting to see one doing that,I just stood there looking at him,he turned his head around looked at me and smiled and just carried on wanking,his legs were apart and I could see his balls moving up and down as he pulled on his cock.

I suppose I should have been shocked or scared or embarrassed but I cant remember feeling any of them things,I think I was completely fascinated,there was a naked man standing above me,I had a clear view of his arse and between his legs his,as I remember,a large set of balls.Probably what Ive just described may have taken only a few seconds but it etched itself on my brain.

And then,come in and close the door he said,and I think it was at that moment that it finally came to me,I felt it in my undies,that feeling in my own cock,an urge that I had not experienced before.Ive tried to remember since what did I used to think about when wanking before that experience,perhaps I just wanked,just to feel myself cum off,I cant remember thinking about mens bodies,naked or otherwise,I dont remember thinking about having sex with a man,come to think about it I dont remember thinking about having sex with another person,I think I just wanked.

Now suddenly I wanted to see this guy wank,I wanted to see a man wank himself off.I stepped into the cubicle and closed the door,I was surprised to see it had a bolt,not realising at the time that hed left it unlocked on purpose,I was learning,I bolted the door.

He opened his legs a bit more and I could actually see his cock in his hand as he wanked,compared to mine this was a big one.I didnt know what the guy on the other side was doing but my friend standing above me was liking it,he kept saying nice ,thats nice,wow,yes,yes.ooh yes fucking hell,yes,yes,yes,pulling faster and faster on his own cock.

I could hear the grunting from next door and my friend saying fucking gorgeous,fucking gorgeous and then cheers mate see you again,all of that is etched on my brain.He turned and stepped down onto the toilet bowl and onto the floor,I got the complete view of his nakedness,his cock was 7maybe 8 inches rock solid,head completely out of his foreskin shining with his precum,all things I would come to love.

I didnt have a clue what to do so I did nothing,I did nothing when he started to undo my trousers,I did nothing when he reached inside for my cock,I just let him do it,he easily found his way into my undies,I heard him say fucking hell,fucking hell as I felt his fingers hold my cock.I had a sudeen attack of nerves,but what I was thinking was ,was he disappointed,was it the size of my cock,was he wanting a cock like his own,did the guy in the other cubicle have a big cock.

Then I heard the magic words,fucking hell that is fucking gorgeous,that is fucking gorgeous.I didnt try to stop him as he started to take my clothes off,as he exposed each part of my flesh he stroked it and kept saying fucking gorgeous.I had never before been completely naked except in the changing rooms when I was a lad in school,in my bathroom or my bedroom at home and here I was in a public toilet with another naked man and I was completely naked.

He had his arms around me in a tight grip rubbing his hard hot cock all over me,his hands tightly gripping the cheeks of my arse,I could feel the stubble on my face as he rubbbed and kissed me,he was lifting me completely off the floor,using his hand to get my legs to encircle him,I could feel his cock between my legs and my own small almost hairless balls rub onto his pubic hair,my cock throbbing against his belly.

Suddenly without warning he is pushing me onto my knees in front of him,in my wildest dreams I had not thought that anybody would suck a cock,I was powereless to resist as he was holding my head and pushing his cock onto my lips.

The sound of his voice was suddenly different,he was looking down at me trying to force his cock into my mouth,suck it he said,open your mouth you little fucker ,suck my cock,suck it you little fucker,I did what he said,I opened my mouth he pushed his cock fully in,I tried to pull away but he held me,suck you little cunt he said,suck.

He was nearly choking me,I did my best to suck it,I wasnt sure what I was doing,Im struggling to keep breathing and suck as he said but I must have been getting it right,his grip on my head loosened and I got to suck properly,it was actually a nice experience,I even held his balls,they felt huge.

I felt the first hot spurt hit the back of my throat,it definitely had me gagging,I instinctively started to swallow,the fact that it was spunk meant nothing just then,I just had to keep swallowing,it felt like Id swallowed mouthful after mouthful,I cant even remember what my first lot tasted like.

Suddenly hes finished,he helps me onto my feet,he couldnt be nicer if he tried,I watched him clean himself then get his clothes from under mine on the back of the door and get dressed,thanks I really enjoyed that he said,hope I see you again.

I was standing there naked,my cock still rock hard,hed forgotten completely about my needs,the sound from the top of the partition drew my attention,there was a face smiling at me,that was great he said,you want to come in this side.