Written by Graham X

14 Dec 2011

I think the story on here is real because I've had sex in the dunes around Formby and Freshfield,I'm 24 now and it was a couple of years ago I had my first gay sex there.I live in Southport and as far as people,my mates and all,are concerned I'm straight I've had sex with a couple of girls but for me the real thing is sex with another man.

I'd been across to Blackpool a couple of times and that was where I first had sex with another man,the first time it was'nt that brilliant because I came off too quickly.Then I met a really nice guy who lived in a bedsit there who taught me to relax,take it slowly,it was also my first experience of spending time naked in the company of another man,he liked to cross dress and it was with him that I first found the joy of female undies.

It was he who told me about using sand dunes to have sex in,I'd occasionally heard some of my mates talk about 'shirtlifters' in the sand dunes along the coast but thought they were just being sexist I said nothing.He told me that he had'nt done it for a while but he used to go over there to have naked sex in the sands.

But what happened to me was'nt just about the sex,I was in for a bit of a surprise.I'd walked along out into the dunes,I saw a couple of other older guys and I instantly knew what they had in mind,I was wearing shorts and a teeshirt and I was getting the look.

I got to this place,a depression in the sand in an isolated place,I know it sounds a bit weird but I wanted to be 'discovered' as if I did'nt want anybody to see what I was doing,yet of course wanting to be surprised by somebody suddenly appearing,and was I surprised.

I took my teeshirt and shorts off and was just in a pair of little female knickers,since meeting the guy in Blackpool it was something I'd taken to.I quickly got a hardon and it seemed for ever that I was there just wanking myself,beginning to think nobody was going to come by,then I heard faint footsteps and I lay back just holding my cock,pretending to be totally oblivious of anybody approaching.

I don't know which one of us was most sueprised,him or me,it was my PE teacher from my old school,we just stared at each other,he's trying hard to keep his eyes off my cock in my hand standing out of a pair of sexy little pants.Whats this all about he said,he made me feel like I was back in school,all I could say was,I don't know,trying to retrieve my shorts,not knowing whether to stand up to put them on,I don't know why I was appologising to him but I was,I could already hear my mates calling me a 'shirtlifter'.

I'm sitting up with my shorts covering my lap,my cock has quickly gone down,he's talking to me but don't hear what he's saying,all I'm thinking of is being exposed,in every sense of the word,and even then it had'nt crossed my mind that he was there for the same reason as me.

When he got onto his knees beside me I was becoming even more confused,I can remember him saying it was nothing to be ashamed of,a lot of young men he knew were homosexual and still the penny was'nt dropping.When he reached for my shorts and started to lift them off my lap I'm getting more confused by the second,it's ok he said,it's ok,there was something about his voice that let me take the shorts away.He put his fingers on my thigh,it's ok he's repeating,it's as if I'm hypnotised,I'm watching his hand,it's like it's in slow motion,his fingers move towards my groin,then feel my balls inside the soft material of my pants,all I can hear is it's ok.

The touch of his fingers on my balls is all it takes,I start to get a hardon again,I sit there transfixed as his fingers move onto my hardening cock,I'm back in Blackpool,I'm being wanked.With his other hand he's undoing his trousers,then reaches inside to produce his own fully hard cock,suddenly this thought shoots through my brain,he's a 'shirtlifter' too,he's gay,he's homosexual,a feeling of complete and utter relief goes through my body.

He reaches for my hand and puts my fingers around his cock and thoughts keep coming,I'm wanking the PE teacher and I'm being wanked by the PE teacher and within seconds I'm being sucked by the PE teacher and minutes later I'm returning to favour.

We spent the next half an hour or so just playing with each others cocks,he was saying all the right things,I wanted him to go naked but he was nervous,I'd already removed the knickers,they'd served their purpose.

He asked me to go to his house in Ormskirk to continue having sex,he had a huge collection of videos and sex toys.