Written by Older Bi Man

6 Nov 2014

Last Wednesday I was near the south coast for an early afternoon meeting which was concluded in less than an hour. With time on my hands I decided to go down to the coast. There are a couple of gay saunas and a naturist spa all within a couple of miles of each other. As I was not feeling particularly horny and had not been for ages opted for the naturist spa.

Weekday afternoons is often mostly men. Most are bi or gay who don’t behave OTT unlike some saunas. The spa was fairly quiet I striped off to a towel and went to the wet area. After the obligatory shower I entered the small steam room. The lighting in the small room is very subdued and the temperature is very comfortable.

I had been relaxing in the steam for a couple of minutes when a guy joined me. He was around my age late 50’s early 60’s about 5’ 6” slim with a nice shaved cock, the type of guy I like to play with.

We struck up a conversation he asked if I was a regular I replied it was my first visit for a few months, our conversation continued I can’t remember what we talked about, but noticed he was stroking his cock. This particular spa any sexual contact of any kind if noticed by the staff results in you being kicked out. Being aware of their rules I was wary of stroking mine as much as I wanted to. It must have been obvious to him I was getting turned as my cock was rising to semi hard.

I said I was going to explore the top floor rest area, this is the area were the staff don’t enter and as long you are not to noisy anything goes. I walked around the rooms only one was in use, the door being locked I assumed someone was having fun.

My new friend appeared soon after, by know my cock was rock hard, he pretended to be looking in the empty rooms as he got nearer I decided to see if he was interested in cock fun. I turned towards him and opened my towel pretending to adjust it, showing him my full erect cock. He looked at me and smiled opening his towel showing his hard cock. It was obvious we both wanted the same thing.

I stud in the doorway of an empty room with my cock on full show. He came over and lightly touched my cock, I got hold of his and lightly wanked him. I whispered I am orally bi and would he like to join me in the room for some fun. He told me he had been feeling horny all day and was gagging to cum. We locked the door behind us dropped the towels on the bed.

Our hands were all over each other’s bodies stroking, feeling each other’s cock and close body contact. He was oozing pre cum which I love to suck, dropping to my knees proceeded to suck him. His pre cum tasted lovely and could feel his cock starting to throb. I was sucking his helmet and was wanking his shaft which made him super horny and soon whispered has was going to cum. I continued to wank him he shoot the first load over my hands the rest was shot over my cock. His spunk felt very nice I used it as lube and wanked myself off as he watched.

We thanked each other for a very nice time ending with a short kiss. I hope we meet again sometime in the future at the spa.