Written by paul

2 Jun 2009

hi everyone i am a 40yr old always fantaszied being made to suck or be fucked.well i thought my luck was in i had showered put black hold ups & a red thong and went out for a walk when it started to raining i thought i will go & have a bite to eat & drink so i ended up at a pub the pub was nearly empty i ordered my meal,then got a pint of shandy looked around& saw a man in his late fifties sat at a table in the corner of the pub i sat across from him he said hello the weather is terrible at he moment so we chattered then my meal arrived he said well chat after by this time i had noticed that he had shorts on plus a rain coat i started to see where his hands were then i heard him unzip his flys he could see me looking then he was rubbing his cock i was not eating much of my meal because i was thiking will he be the one that breaks me in i felt a stir in my pants & no body could see us he said why dont you come on over & sit with me well i didnt need asking twice so i sat next to him. i saw him pull down his shorts he wasnt wearing any underwear on his cock was very thick & about 7inches long he said would you like to hold it i said yes i started rubbing his now fully erect cockit felt fantastic he started to moan then he said pull your pants down his hands were feeling my legs and inside my thong rubbing my cock and smiling saying i love your stocking and ur red thong i was in heaven he then said get down under the table i knew what was coming next go on dont be frightened put it in your mouth & suck it i was sucking his cock for what seemed ages when he said get up quickly i was confused why i said my mate has just waiked in fucking hell i thought just my luck & the story ends there one day one day it will happen not being a virgin i can but hope bye bye for now