Written by Co Durham lad

22 Mar 2018

So i had just been for a swim and a sauna at my local pool, and was feeling hot. I know it isn't long before the light nights come and my early evening fun has to stop, so i think nows the time.

I jump in my car and drive up the road to the layby near Darlington if you local you know where i mean.

As you pull in i pull straight up and wait a minute. Its a trucker layby and dogging but this is usually latter on, but i had a hour to kill. The cars generally pull right up the layby, but i like the sneak in to the bushs next to the entrance ( a little hole in the bushs ) it opens up to a nice footpath with lots of sneak holes.

I have grabbed the rope out the boot of my car and start to look for the right spot ( yes i do carry rope in my car ).

I find it and rap the rope aroud it and make to hand size holes. I then walk to see if anyones coming in.

No luck i stand around playing with my hard cock, and then a bloke sneaks in and looks about.

We exchange the norms , and i then say what you into anything real you ? My normal all sorts and everything. He smiles i just say do you want to try this this up here, what he asks, come look and we walk up. I just looked at him and said look i need cock conna give me some and drop my trousers.

He just pulls his cock out and says fucking right i am, i just drop down and suck his cock for all i am worth.

Hes moaning and pulling on the back of my head,Its awesome.

I stop and say got a condom, yer pulls one out, put it on and fuck me for fuck sack. I put my hands in the rope holes and grab them tight. I feel him lining his cock to my waiting arse, he gently starts to push it in. I look back a just say ram that cunt in now, he looks shocked and just say fuck yer. Thats it hes in and hard i feel like my arse is been ripped to bits its awesome.

Its gets easier the more hes fucking me but its like a hole new experience. He's pulled my top over my head and is holding on to my should, when i feel the judder as he comes up my arse, and just pulls out and smacks my arse i hear "fuck yer" look round and theres a bloke wank behind us. The cock just says wanna go like he's up for it.

With out so much as yer he is stinking his hand in my arse" what ya gonna do like " i just push back and take as much as i can.

Fucking hell i need a go of you and rams his cock up my gapping hole he only last a few minutes but its what i needed. He pulled his trousers up "fuck yer" and walks off.

I take the rope down and hide it for later carry my clothes to the hole and get dressed there. I have a wank and shot my come on the ground. I go get in my car and am gone.

If you know the place Wednesday night 8 oclock ish is generally a good time lol.

Any feed back would be nice x