Written by bfaulk44

29 Oct 2007

My neighbours son made no secret of the fact that he was gay. At every opportunity when he came into my house he would find an excuse to make bodily contact with me. Sitting close, leaning close. From his 16th birthday he made it clear that I was his sex target and my cock needed wanking each time he left as I imagined us in a hot wanking, sucking, fucking scenario.

However I knew that until he was 18, any advance from me could find me in court, although I doubted he would complain.

So here I was in my 50s when the day arrived. His 18th birthday. I'd been watching a hot gay DVD and my cock was rigid as the young guys on screen plunged their stiff cocks into each others groaning bodies.

It was just after midnight when the doorbell rang.

It was John.

"Wish me happy birthday" he grinned.

"Happy birthday" I smiled.

Suddenly he was in my hall pushing the front door shut. He was wearing a dressing gown as his mouth found mine.

We kissed.

He pulled his gown open. He was naked.

We were both groaning in passion.

"I've waited so long for this" he groaned.

"Me too" I agreed

Quickly we found each other's hard cock and began a slow wank as our mouths resumed the kissing.

He broke the kiss, and looked into my eyes.

"You know what I want" he husked.

"I think I do" I whispered.

"Make love to me" he groaned.

Within minutes we were in my bedroom both naked.

His young body against mine as I sucked him off in a 69 side by side. I felt back between his young ass cheeks and discovered that his ass ring was greased. He was ready.

He lifted his mouth from my rigid veiny cock.

"Fuck me" he gasped

I turned him onto his belly and put a pillow under him, raising his beautiful ass into position for total penetration. He reached back and pulled his cheeks wide apart.

The pink teenage ring glistened with grease.

I guided my cock head to touch the ring.

He groaned into the bed.

I pushed forward and he pushed back.

We both groaned as my cock head eased into his body.

Then his ring clutched the underside of my helmet.

We were joined together for the first time.

I felt the heat of his body on my cock head as I eased deeper and my shaft slid into his young body.

"Oh fuck....yes" he moaned.

I was in him to my balls.

We were both in lust heaven.

"God you feel gorgeous" I moaned, running my hands over the curves of his slim waist up to his shoulders.

I leaned over him and kissed the side of his neck.

Gradually I began to withdraw and thrust my rigid cock in him.

We were both groaning as the strokes became longer and faster.

In the mirror of the wardrobe I could witness the view of me thrusting into his young ass.

It added to the erotic feeling.

He too was watching himself getting fucked.

"Make it last" he moaned.

"Oh yes....forever" I agreed, wanting to be buried in him for the rest of my life.

We knew though that the thrusting could only have one outcome.

It was the first of many times I was to fill his young body with my sperm, and we were reaching that point now.

I reached round him and found his stiff cock. He lifted from the pillow and I began wanking him with each thrust in him.

"Oh yes...yes...oh fuck yes....I'm cumming" he gasped.

"Yes....oh yes....take it" I groaned in response.

Both our bodies shuddered as our aching cocks spewed their loads of cum. Mine shot deep in him while his wanked load splashed onto the pillow.

As our quaking heavy breathing subsided I eased my cock from his tired body and he turned his body to mine, our mouths meeting in a loving kiss. Our sperm wet cocks rubbed together as we sank into a blissful exhausted sleep.