Written by Richard

14 Mar 2018

I was between appointments so I grabbed a coffee from McDonald's and found a far away corner in the retail park. I noticed another car park up but paid no attention.

After 5 min the man from the car came over to my windows carrying a map. He was mid 40 well gromed wearing a suit. I put my windows down and he asked me directions. I was trying to explain how to get there, it was cold and getting dark so I told him to jump in.

I didn't suspect anything odd but after 5 min chatting he said he travelled in his job and got horny being away. The conversation turned to sex and he began rubbing his crotch then said that he meets men on his travels.

I got a bit nervous and told him I'm open minded but had no experience like that. He said, let me show you and unzipped and took out his cock.

He slowly stoked it which made mine twitch. He asked if I wanted to join but I said I was happy watching. My heart was pounding and my cock was growing as he continued wanking and making noises.

After few minutes he told me he was going to cum, his spun came out and ran over his hand.I had never saw this before and found it really hot. He cleaned up and asked if I liked the show, yes I said.

He gave me his business card and left. Being in public car park made it exciting. I was so horny I called to cancel my meeting, went straight home and wanked frantically until I shot my load!!

I might give him a call?