Written by Tom

24 May 2011

I'll not bother with the background,but through circumstances I'm now living alone in a one bedroom flat.I'm 69 years of age and homosexuality was something that men got up to in dinghy old toilets.The thought that I could ever indulge in that kind of thing was simply not possible.Now at my age the sexual urges get fewer and I was happy to just indulge in a bit of masturbation.Less complicated than relationships.

Met a young fella in the local pub a month ago.I'm happy with my own company so when he started talking to me I did'nt exactly encourage him but that did'nt seem to get through to him,the next night he talking to me again,telling me his life story which considering he's about 20 was'nt exactly enthralling.

I've got this secondhand computer which I must admit I'm not very good with,which at the time was what they call'crashed'.It was'nt my idea but he insisted he could come around and fix it for me.He knew all about them he said.He came around to my place the following day and it only took him a couple of minutes to sort it out.

I bought him a drink in the pub for his help and one thing led to another and another drink.He started telling all about what you can access on the computer and asked me if I'd ever gone on any of the sex sites,which I'll admit I found a bit embarrassing as he proceeded to tell me about people using 'cams'so that other people could see them having sex and things.

Now I'm not much of a drinker and ended up having a bit more than usual,it had been a while since I'd drank with somebody else,I'd usually have a couple of pints and go home and have a glass of whisky.For some reason I find we have suddenly become the best of friends and I'm inviting him back to my place for a nightcap.He's straight onto the computer while I'm getting us a couple of drinks.

I could tell he's a bit drunk even though I was a bit gone myself.In seconds he's onto this sex site but they're just bits advertising sex films and videos.He's laughing and getting himself really excited.He wants to know if I fancied signing up to one of them,but I'm a bit suspicious about things like that so I said no.

Then he tells me he's signed up to one and asks me if I want a look.We're both fairly drunk and I'm thinking what the hell.It had never occurred to me he was homosexual,he was completely normal.

This film came on and there was a young man in a pair of tight white briefs singing to himself as he was doing some ironing.Then the camera followed him into the bedroom as he went to put it away,I was watching just out of curiousity and being drunk.When he'd put the ironing away he turned towards the camera and lowered and removed his briefs.I'd seen plenty of mens privates in my life but this was a first,there was no pubic hair,he was completely smooth.He did what most men do after removing their underpants he ran his hand over his bits to loosen them up.

I noticed that my young friend from the pub was completely engrossed in watching this,I was just half interested and that was because of the lack of hair.The young man in the film stood in front of the wardrobe mirror and started to pull on his willy with one hand while he held his balls in the other.I'd done the same thing many times myself but had never seen somebody else doing it,I did'nt know if I wanted to see him masturbating or not but could'nt stop myself looking,then I was aware that my young friend was feeling his own willy through his jeans.

I knew I should call a halt to what was happening,but it must have been the drink,I did'nt.The young man in the film had got himself fully erect and was masturbating himself and still I watched.Then I realised something weird was happening,I was getting an erection myself,with that urge that comes with that,to put my hand on myself.

In the film a buzzer went and the young man went into the other room and pressed a button by his door.I was completely engrossed in watching his erect willy move from side to side with each step he took and could feel my own get harder by the second.

He had just got back in the bedroom when another young man joined him,they immediately embraced each other,the one who had just arrived pressing his fully clothed body onto the naked and fully aroused body of his friend as he gripped his buttocks tightly,they kissed each other long and hard.

Once they separated from their embrace the newcomer wasted no time in getting naked,ably assisted by his friend,he was already in a fully aroused state by the time he was naked.His body was hairless,I could'nt believe how sexy I was finding their body's,surely this could'nt be happening to me.

All of this took only a matter of minutes and my head was in a complete spin.My young friend stood up from the chair and without saying a word started to undo his jeans,I just watched his hands and still I watched as he kicked his trainers off then lowered his jeans and stepped out of them,he was a little unsteady but that did'nt matter anymore'

I watched as he lifted his teeshirt over his head but then could only see the red thong he was wearing,unbelievably still containing his fully erect willy which was bursting to be released.He dropped his teeshirt on the floor and reached down to his thong and pulled the waistband out freeing his willy from its restraint.

I'd completely lost interest in the film as he pushed his thong down and off,suddenly it appeared to me I was the only person left who still had pubic hair,he was completely smooth somehow enhancing his privates,even though they were no longer private.

i made no attempt to stop him when he reached for my belt and undid it,it must be the drink.I was 69 years old and was having my clothes removed by a naked young man and I was making no attempt to stop him.

My Y fronts seemed to be as completely out of place as did my pubic hair and yet when I was naked and he knelt in front of me and moved his hands up and down my body I felt no shame at what was happening,I was suddenly more sexually aroused than I'd known since my first sexual encounter with my first girlfriend,when I came off in about 10 seconds.

Every touch of his fingers was absolute heaven and I was so engrossed in my own pleasure that it was only when he took my hand and put my fingers around his willy that I realised that this was a two way thing.

Our age difference made no difference to him,my body was'nt as young and supple as his,my willy was bigger but his was fantastic,sucking it was probably one of the greatest pleasures I'd known in my life,matched only by the heat of his young mouth as he sucked mine.

I have in my life done 69 with a woman and though I'd loved being sucked off that way and I'd enjoyed tonguing a woman off,being sucked off by another man while you suck him off,in terms of sheer pleasure is a winner.Swallowing cum was not something I ever thought I'd do,but again I loved it.We've swallowed a great deal of each others cum over the last month and I want to go on doing it.Yes I've got rid of my pubic hair for the first time at 69 years old and he's got me some really sexy undies,I feel like a 19 year old again.