6 Jul 2015

I had been longing to go to my nearest porn cinema again and at last I had the chance. On the train in to Birmingham my excitement grew and so did my cock - I had to think of something else but that was very difficult. At last I was at the cinema. I went in and saw that not many had arrived - I was a little early. I sat down and unzipped my trousers and undid my shirt, no underwear to get in the way. Another man was soon sitting beside me and he revealed a good sized cock that was soon nice and hard. I stroked him and then sucked his cock as deeply into my mouth as I could. Held it in my mouth using my tongue to excite him and moving my lips down to the base then up to the top and swirling my saliva over it.

'Suck that cock!' I heard a voice say and then I felt something lightly hitting my head. I looked up and saw a man standing, watching with his cock out - he had been using it on me!. I lent forward and sucked him as well. '.You really know how to suck a cock,' he muttered, then pulled away. I returned to my seated companion and as I sucked him I explored his bum hole with a finger. I felt him pushing himself on to me so rubbed in a little lube and gently penetrated. He was moaning with pleasure as I sucked and fingered him.

'Where do you want me to come?' he asked with a sense of urgency and excitement.

I knew what I wanted. 'Shoot over me!'

'I'll stand up when I'm about to spunk.'

I continued to suck and work with my fingers until suddenly he stood up, I sat in the nearby seat and a moment later a thrilling shower of spunk landed on my chest. We then tidied up, he went for a drink and I went in search of more hot action. I had already had a thrilling time, little did I know that there were grater thrills in store.

The cinema has two rooms so I went into the other room with my cock harder than ever and throbbing with excitement. At first I thought little was happening as not many were in but then I saw two men of my own age eagerly exploring each other with hands and mouths. They were writhing urgently and so clearly having a wonderful time that I wanted to join in. I approached them, my shirt wide open and my hard cock prominent through my trousers.

'Can I join you?'

'Why not?'

I sat down, removed my trousers and an orgy of stroking and sucking began. I explored each of them, stroking their strong hard cocks, then I lent over and sucked each in turn. 'Stand up!' one said, so I stood with my cock close to his mouth and was given a thrilling sucking that was utterly expert. I had to beg him to stop as I wanted so much more fun. We continued with this thrilling threesome for some time constantly changing positions. I sucked each cock eagerly and deeply and enjoyed wandering hands exploring me and expert mouths sucking my rigid cock. After an orgy of indulgence we all needed a rest.

I sat alone gently stroking myself and for once watching the antics on screen. It wasn't long before I was eager for some more hot action but for a while nobody seemed to be playing but this was about to change.

From postings on various sites I knew that a T girl might arrive. I have seen quite a few at the cinema but not had any encounters.

Suddenly a slender figure in a pretty dress, tights, high heels and smartly presented came in, heels clicking on the floor. I was suddenly very attracted and went to her.

'You look lovely, ' I said, really meaning it too.

'Are you into T girls?'

'Especially when they are as lovely as you.' Not only did she look good but at close quarters her perfume smelt good too. This did nothing to calm me down.. We began to embrace and I held her hard against me so that my totally hard cock would press against her. At the same time I began to nuzzle her and gently kiss bare shoulders and then moved on. She turned he head and we gently kissed then became more passionate, tongues meeting tongues. She sat on an armrest and began to suck my cock enjoying its stiffness and making me moan in lustful delight. These manoeuvres went on for some time, as we kissed and I was sucked. We were totally absorbed in each other and at first i did not notice the audience around us - a group of men standing stroking their cocks close by and watching us avidly.

After sucking me she said, 'I have to say you have a lovely cock!' What greater delight could there be? Especially as she sucked and sucked, repeating this lovely stimulating comment!

'Would you like to fuck me?'

'I'd fuck you any time,' I replied, 'with a condom.'

Lube was produced and applied and I began to explore my first T girl cunt. My finger slid in and then another. Next a condom was produced and I ha d it on me in moments. My excitement was overwhelming as she bent forward over a seat and my hard, hard cock was steered into place and I began to thrust. I don't think I have had so much pleasure for a long time and having an audience of eager men all displaying their cocks made me even more thrilled. Harder I thrust into this sensational T girl who pushed back as I penetrated. We changed positions, I sat down and she rode me playing with and sucking other cocks as well. A cock near my hand was irresistible. I stroked and wanked it but scarcely knew what I was doing as I was in an exciting sexual trance that was overwhelmingly pleasurable. I needed to explode. She slid off me, I whipped off the condom and closely watched I stroked myself eagerly reliving my sensational experience until I was gasping with delight and a massive squirt of hot wet spunk was released followed by several more. Exhausted I gathered breath, cleaned up and thanked my wonderful companion for a thrilling experience. I would so like to meet again and treat her like the elegant lady that she is!