Written by flush and seeded

1 Sep 2013

Well I thought I would keep the title the same as its easier if you want to find other sexy times I've had.

I was out pricing a job up the other day at a health spa or "Suite" as some are now calling themselves. It was just the same old blah blah blah, I want this in here, that in there and so on. When it was over we sat having a coffee in the lounge when my host was called away. Just as he was leaving though he said to the receptionist that I can have a swim and sauna whatever I wanted. Anyway, I chose the sauna so went to the cloakrooms changed and walked into the sauna.

There was a couple of guys in there who nodded in acknowledgement and I sat on the other side facing them. they were talking some crap about bitchy bosses and too much work, whine whine whine, you know the sort. Anyway one of the guys left and it was just me and this other guy there. He asked how my boss was and I just said "I dont know really, what am I like?" and grinned. "Lucky bastard" he said and closed his eyes and leant back onto the seats behind him. I relaxed to and after about 10 minutes I opened my eyes to the sound of this guy snoring!!!

I laughed to myself then noticed he had a hard-on in his towel just as it slipped to the floor and he never woke up! It was an ok size only about 6" but quite thick. I chuckle to myself and leant forward to rest my elbows on my knees. He gave a snort and brought himself out of his sleep but then immediately whinced and grabbed his neck! "Shit" he said and rubbed his neck as he circled his head round. I chuckled and said "I know that feeling" and he grimaced and smiled at the same time. Only then did he notice that his owel had fallen and panicked and grabbed it up quickly and looked at me and smiled an apology. "No problem" I said and smiled back. He slowed his movements as he sat up and, smiling as he looked at me, took far too long to cover himself up.

"Why didnt you wake me " he said. I replied why and he said that i wouldnt have had to stare at his erection if I had. "I've seen worse" I said and winked at him to gauge his reaction. He just looked down at his cock shrugged his shoulders and looking at the very misted over doorway gripped it with a hand and proceeded to slowly wank it. He looked over to me and smiled as I was smiling at him and asked "did I mind?".

"No" I said, "go ahead, but do you mind if I watch?" He said that it would be good for him if I did and to come over if I wanted a clearer look through the steam. I got up not even trying to hide my own erection and sat on the step below him but right at his feet. "should get a good view from here" I said to him, and he slowly started to wank again.

My own cock was now twitching and I put my hand on his leg which he just left there and grinned an even wider grin. So I though "fuck it" and went straight for his cock barely having to brush his hand away and he once again leant back as I took control of his tool. I was barely touching it but allowing my hand to go almost off the end so I palmed his helmet, and given his flinching and loud sighs I guessed he enjoyed it. I moved round to kneel between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. He jumped and half sat up with eyes wide open and a dropped jaw!! I took him out my mouth and apologised asking if it was ok and after a short silence he stammered that it made him jump and that no guy had ever sucked him before, they had just wanked him off.

"so is it ok?" He regained his composure and said"er, yeah, sure, if you dont mind?" I just grinned and sunk straight down his length as I looked up at him! He gasped again and tensed up, "jeeezuus" he said through gritted teeth. I was now bobbing up and down on his cock, almost off the end to right down to the base. His breathing was getting quicker when his mate called through the door to say bye and check he was ok. He was barely able to reply but did in a wavy voice and his Friend closed the door again.

" Oh god, oh god, oh god, I'm gonna cum" he said trying to be quiet and as his cock swelled and swelled I stopped about half way down as I felt the underside of it started to pump his seed into my mouth. Then it was my turn for the oh my God moment! this guy was like a bloody fire hose! huge great streams of cum, and I mean streams, every single time it pumped!! I was nearly choking only the pure amount he was pumping out! And he just kept going and going! Now I've sucked a few cocks in my time but this guy could cure Africas droughts single handed!!! It seemed like 15-20 pumps (I'm sure it wasn't, but it did seem like it) before he started furiously gasping for air and slumping against the benches. I managed to hold onto it all and swallowed hungrily and gently continued to suck him to clean him up. as he softened right off I let him slip from my mouth and I got up and sat next to him.

He regained his composure and said that it was fantastic and that his wife didnt even do that for him. I smiled and said that he would be surprised how many guys would do it and complimented him on his sheer quantity. He said that he had always been a big cummer and that was the reason his wife didn't give him blowjobs. In fact he had only had a couple of blowjobs in his life and thanked me for the experience. I said that it was time for me to leave and he also said it was time to go, so we walked out to the changing rooms and just chatted as normal guys. as he had to return to work he dressed very quickly but asked if I could do it again some time so I gave him my number and said "Anytime!!"

He left and I was grinning to myself when suddenly his friend appeared beside me with a grin on his face, as I looked up he just said "now me!!" Shit he obviously hadnt left the sauna when he shut the door and I just looked at him. He looked round and slapped me hard across the face and grabbing my arm led me back into the sauna and pushed me down on the floor. He quickly took off his remaining soaked clothing and jammed them in the bottom of the door and turning back to me pulled his rock hard cock out of his boxers and advanced towards me with it.

As he got to me he slapped me again across the face and whipped his cock across my face calling me a cock sucking poofter! i looked at him and he was grinning but I quickly realised that it wasn't an evil grin but a playful grin. "yes sir, I am" I said. " good now open wide and suck this you slut!" and he rammed his smaller than his mates cock straight in my mouth and grabbed my head. "yes!" he said "suck my cock you whore, suck it down and make me cum!" Due to his size I was able to suck him easily and as he was verbally abusing me he started to fuck my mouth. Dont know how many times he had done it but his belly was slamming into my nose and it started to hurt. I put my hand on his belly and tilted my head up, and as I looked at him he threw his head back and held my head to his gut and emptied his load into my mouth. As soon as he stopped jerking he pulled it out, tucked it into his boxers, grabbed his clothes and ran out!

"Cheeky bastard" I thought "not even a thank you!" I chuckled to myself and getting to my feet went outside and got dressed. As I returned the towel to the receptionist and thanked her I couldnt help thinking that a £700k job and 2 loads of cum wasnt a bad way to spend a couple of hours midweek. The guys doing this job just might drag it out a bit causing me to keep coming back to check on them!!!lol