9 Jun 2016

Keeping same heading as previous accounts but nothing to do with furniture. make it easier to find them for a look

So I was out on a bike ride down the beach when I came to a fenced off area for subsidence. Well that knackered that then. Guy comes past on his bike and says “that’s your lot mate they got some holes opening up so you’ll have to walk to the peninsula from here.”

“Ok thanks” I said and proceeded to lock the bike up on the nearest fence post and began my walk.

Lovely day and other than a couple of work calls a peaceful walk. I round the beach head and see a few people bathing and soon notice they are naked. Well it’s a good spot for it so why not. As I carry on I saw the guy from earlier staring out to sea, also naked, and as he sees me nods and shouts over “so you made the walk then?” and chuckles.

Not wanting to shout I wave and as I approach I nod towards the other bathers and say “well it was worth the view”

Again, he chuckles and says without a hesitation “thought you meant me then?”

After a seconds taken aback pause, I looked down to where his cock hung and said that it wasn’t bad closer up either. He smiled and said that it was popular during the summer for some beach fun of all sorts so not to be shy.

“Ok then, “ and as I spotted a small dip in the beach head said “well I am going to sit down and rest down there. You’re welcome to join me”

I walked off to the spot and stripping off my tshirt sat down with my back to the sea so just out of site from the main beach.

My new friend joined me and said “so you fancy some fun then?”

“Of course!” With that he moved round me and stood facing the sea so that his cock was facing me. It was definitely twitching! As he looked out I reached up and grabbed his cock and began a slow motion back and forth as he quickly hardened. He was now looking at me and smiling, “think it might be a bit dry son! wanna do something about it?”

Within a nanosecond he was in my mouth and I was sucking away replacing my hand motion with my mouth. I lifted his hands to my head and pulled me towards him.

“Cool you’re not a novice!” And began to slowly fuck my face. He was only about 6.5” so not a problem. We soon had a couple of guys getting closer and wanking away as he suddenly grabbed my head and speeding right up started to cum in my mouth with a scream. I didn’t let him go till he was too sensitive and limp and he had to sit down. As he sank down another guy came towards me and I quickly took him into my mouth and he came almost instantly with a shout!

The third guy just shot his load over my head and scuttled quickly off. I thanked the guys and lay down to take in the sun as the last two thanked me and walked off.

After about 10 minutes a young couple came over and the girl said “mister, that was probably the hottest thing I have ever seen!”

I looked at her and she was not that pretty but had a beautiful body with large breasts which had huge nipples casting a shadow all of their own! “Did you like it” I said as I turned to the guy. “Der!” he said and pointed to his rock hard cock standing out.

“I wont do that for him” she said “cos |I don’t like it” I smiled and asked why they weren’t fucking away madly then?

They looked at each other nervously and I said “Ah right, you want me to do that for you, is that it?” She quickly interrupted and said that she wanted to be fucked as well tho. I told him to lie down and for her to straddle him cowboy style.

They quickly did as I said and he was soon buried into her soaking pussy up to the hilt! He was about 7” so good size and as they starting screwing I told them to slow down and lay at their feet so I could lick his balls.

This made him jump as I did it but he didn’t stop his motion. She was quickly squealing her orgasm so as she died down from it I grabbed his cock and on the down stroke pulled it out of her. I couldn’t get it in my throat quick enough I tell you! All that sweet young pussy juice on it and him thrusting up into my mouth, it was heaven!

All too quickly he tensed and screamed that he was coming. She jumped up and as she spun round to look as I took him balls deep and held him there as his climax took over!! She gasped as he pumped god knows how much spunk into my throat and I was struggling to keep it all in! Just before he finished his youthful spurting I pulled my head off and swallowed my mouthful as his last spurts went over my face.

“My god!” she said “that was incredible! Can we do it again sometime?” Of course I gave her my card and she supported her man as he wobbled off on unsteady legs giggling away.

Wow, 3 loads and I only wanted a bike ride!

I made my way back to my bike and I got a few smiles and nods from the people I went past. Whilst riding back I saw my friend talking to some builders at a beach house and asked if I had enjoyed myself. I smiled and before I could say anything one of the builders said “I bet he did the dirty bastard!”

We chatted and I made my way home for a nice nap before my evening appointment.

Oh did I mention the builders were going to be there for a while??

Mmmmm Lovely