Written by Tollicks

25 Oct 2017

This happened in 1971 in Newcastle shortly after gay sex was legalised but still dangerous. Towards the end of my first year at university, near the end of May I just had one more exam to do and I'd been up in Gosforth revising with a classmate. About midnight I was walking back down the old A1 to a student flat I shared with three other guys in Jesmond. It was dead quiet with hardly anyone about and almost no traffic. It was still very hot from a roasting hot day.

A car stopped and the driver asked where I was going. I told him and he told me to hop in and he'd give me a lift. We got talking and he told me he worked in a bank but he often went out driving late at night just for a look about. He pulled up to my door and I asked him if he minded my staying on for a ride. He was happy with that and we drove round the outskirts of Newcastle for a while until we end up back in Gosforth. He told me he lived there and would I like to come back to his for a drink.

I said OK and we went into his flat, a real smart place. He opened a bottle of wine with two glasses then disappeared and came back wearing just a sarong. He sat on the sofa with me in the armchair chatting and drinking. I soon relaxed with the wine and remarked on the large artistic framed photos on the walls, all black and white, and what would be termed homo-erotic. He told me that he took them himself and developed them in his own dark room. He asked if I'd like to see some more and I said "Yes please".

He got a large folio out of a drawer and opened it on his knee. He asked me to sit beside him. I sat close so I could look at the photos, all very good and very horny and erotic, I'd never seen anything like them.

As he turned each photo he explained the artistic points. He turned each photo on to my knee where he rested his hand. I soon had a monstrous hard on and he was clearly aware of this but ignored it, teasing me on. I recognised him in some of the photos, naked and either sucking or being fucked. When we finished the photos he put them on the floor then he put his hand on where my prick was bursting to get out of my jeans. He rubbed it gently then undid my zip to release the beast. He wanked me gently and I fondled his small dick and balls in his sarong. We kissed passionately with our tongues deep in each other. He asked if I'd like to go through to the bedroom and take my clothes off so. The bedroom was lovely with more photos and mirror all down one wall. We were soon stripped off together and he had a gorgeous smooth slim body with a tiny dick. We lay on the bed and I stroked and caressed him whilst he played gently with my dick before expertly sucking me slowly. I was going wild. I desperately wanted my rocks off so I gently fingered his hole. It soon yielded to me and I slid a finger up him.

He asked if I'd like to fuck him as I'd seen other guys doing in the photos. I said that I would so he got a jar of Vaseline from the bedside drawer and smeared it on my end and up his arse. Then he got on all fours on the bed and I came up behind him. It took me a while to get into him but it was lovely when I did as I felt him grip my shaft as I buried it all in him. I fucked him deep and hard for only about ten minutes before I started throbbing and shot hot spunk deep inside him.

I slept there with him that night and fucked him again in the morning before he had to go to work.

He asked me to go round two nights later when there was another guy there, taller and a bit fatter than him but about the same age. He introduced us and we all sat chatting and drinking wine. The other two were sitting on the sofa and without warning they leaned over and kissed each other then started fondling each other.

Then they got up and we all went through to the bedroom and stripped off. I was soon on the bed kissing and fondling both guys and being fondled and sucked myself. The bigger guy turned the other one on his back and put his legs over his shoulders then slid into him. I was kissing and fondling both whilst they were fucking. After a while he pulled out and motioned for me to take over which I did in the same position. Again I was kissed and fondled whilst I fucked with both guys squeezing my nipples then the bigger guy fondling my balls. I soon came throbbing hot spunk deep inside the slim guy.

Shortly after I went home for the summer.

When I restarted university in October I called round to the flat but he wasn't there.

I never saw him again.