Written by terr_white

4 Dec 2011

After my gay holiday experience in Spain I was back in Oslo and gagging for some gay action. I had previously described myself as bi curious, but after my first gay experience where I had my arse fucked by two men on the nudist beach at Cabopino I was no longer curious, I knew what I wanted was to be a slut and receive more cock and have hot spunk inside me.

The weather had been remarkably mild for this time of year, so I decided to head for a well known cruising area called Sognsvann forest. This is situated about 5km from central Oslo.

It was Friday lunchtime and I decided to leave work early and see if I could find some action, the weather was sunny and mild. I had prepared myself by wearing my favourite skimpy white tanga underwear and had recently shaved my pubic hair, so I felt sexy and was really gagging for some hot action.

Arriving in the car park I was surprised to see how many cars were parked up were they all looking for the same as me ?.

Making my way into the wooded area I was excited and was aware that my cock had a lazy and was slowly releasing some pre cum.

Inside the woods it was darker and smelt slightly damp which just added to the excitement I was feeling. The trees still had a layer of leaves, but these had now turned golden brown and gave the forest an eerie light. Within a few minutes I spotted some movement in the bushes ahead, I made my way there trying to be as quiet as possible, there standing with his back to a tree was a smallish guy who was slowly masturbating himself I guess he was about fifty years old. He had obviously heard me approaching and turned to me and said hi, his body language was inviting so I returned his greeting and walked over to him and took his cock in my hand and slowly started to wank him, his cock was not very big but it was rock hard with a large shiny head.

He started to unzip me so I slipped out of my trousers and he started wank me through my underpants. I then took him in my mouth and was surprised how smooth his cock felt. After some minutes he pulled my pants off and started to feel my arse, this was really turning me on and I knew I wanted to feel his cock in my arse, he seemed to sense what I wanted and started to probe my arse with his fingers.

He bent me over a nearby low branch and stood behind me running his hands over my smooth arse, and also feeling my balls and cock, this was really turning me on and I could feel my cock was wet with pre cum. After a few minutes of fingering my arse he parted my legs and I could feel his cock probing my arse. I reached back and guided his hard cock into the entrance of my arse. I was surprised how painful it was, but soon pain gave way to pleasure.

I don’t know how long he was fucking me before we were joined by another guy who tried to put his cock in my mouth, this guy’s cock was quite thick and tasted of salt. Suddenly I could feel the guy fucking me was starting to cum, he thrust deep inside me and held it there and I could feel his cock throbbing as he shot his spunk inside me.

He quickly pulled out and I soon felt his spunk running out my arse, by this time the second guy had moved behind me and had obviously decided it was his turn to fuck me which was ok by me, he roughly pulled my arse cheeks apart and I then felt his thick cock pushing inside me, this time however there was no pain and to my surprise he slipped inside me easily.

By this time I was holding my cock and could feel I was about to cum, I had no control over my orgasm,there was no way I could hold back and had a really long orgasm and shot my load into my hands. The second guy was still banging away at my arse suddenly he let out a loud grunt and I could feel him cumming deep inside me, he quickly pulled out of me and with just a nod walked away.

The first guy was still hanging around and asked me for my phone number which I gave him, he invited me back to his apartment where he said he had a sauna and Jacuzzi and suggested we would be more comfortable and perhaps he could also invite some like minded friends, more of this later.

Suddenly I was alone standing in the forest with cum running down my arse, I mopped up the cum with a tissue and slowly dressed, looking around it seemed I was the only one there.

I made my way back to the car and was amazed to see I had only been there for twenty five minutes yet in that time I had been fucked twice and had one of the strongest orgasms I had experienced.

I sat in the car gathering my thoughts my arse felt wet I still had cum slowly easing out and my underpants felt wet.

I had my second experience of being a slut and I knew I wanted more.