Written by Graham

3 Jan 2013

Gloryholes,even the word is beautiful,not had the pleasure for best part of 2 years then eureka a small town in Lincs 2 pm I drive by one of the old loos,surely not i thought but thought nothing to lose,I'm staying locally overnight with nothing to do,so why not check it out.

Could be something going on I park up close by,theres been a couple of cars parked up outside for a while,the lights going,I've already got a hardon,I've got my trousers undone and the more I handle it the more eager my cock is getting,now I'm hoping to fuck that I'm going to be lucky.

Close my trousers over my throbbing cock,only the walk to these old toilets and the prospect of sex with total strangers can cause the kind of trembling thats already shooting through my body,I know I'm already got wet undies from my precum.

There are 3 cubicles just about visible in the gloom inside the loo,there were a couple of lads standing at the urinals,as very often the case standing at either end as if they were totally innocent,I'd already noticed 2 of the cubicles were closed,wasnt sure if there were anybody in them.I stood between the 2 lads at the urinal,I could already feel them relax,a quick glance to either side of me told me what I already knew,they both had a handfull of hardon.

My own hard cock had barely had time to get fully out before the lad to my right moved on it and took it from my hand.THAT IS THE MOST AWSOME FEELING IN THE WORLD WHEN A TOTAL STRANGERS FINGERS CLOSE AROUND YOUR COCK, fuck me how I'd missed it,the other lad was already feeling my arse,as if I could,nt stop myself I'm fully undoing my trousers and letting them fall down,I had'nt even the time to get to my undies before one was pushing them down from the front and the other from behind.

I was already pleasuring both their cocks,only lads who are practised in the art of mutual wanking have got the touch and movement to feel within the first few seconds of holding a complete strangers cock what is getting and giving pleasure.The light came on giving off some but not a great light,the first of the cubicles doors opened,I had almost forgotten about them,I've seen it so many times but nevertheless it for me everytime,he was dressed in an exquisite set of white female undies,bra,briefs,belt and stockings and of course he was wanking,I'm on my way to heaven.

He left the cubicle and went to the other closed door,it was unlocked,he was'nt stopped from pushing it open by its occupant,I'm 26 yrs old,he was younger,the other 3 lads were in their 50s or 60s,he was naked,the term fuck me was all I wanted to say.

The lads in the cubicle were wanking and sucking each other,the 2 lads were trying to get me fully undressed,I heard myself saying maybe its not safe but they assured me the only peresn other than lads like ourselves who came there was the cleaner who liked to lock up with lads inside having sex in whatever way they wanted to,he just liked to watch.