Written by Graham

7 Jan 2013

One of the comments asked if I was fucked in the loo in Lincs where I found you could still enjoy sex with strangers,I did eventually,, but with being able to meet with and have a fucking session by arrangement via the internet these days getting or giving a good fucking isnt difficult to come by,and even though I've not had nearly as much opportunity to experience toilet sex as a lot of older men,actually looking back this was just the 4th time,it is awesome.

All the other times were with lads in their 50s or 60s,a few might have even been in their 70s,I was always the young lad.I can remember how at first I had a bit of a problem with cumming too quickly and had to learn to keep the older lads away from my cock until I was in full control of it,again because of my age most of them were more than willing for me to wank or suck their cocks.

I can still clearly remember,like it was only yesterday,the first time I put my lips around a cock,even writing this I can almost taste that sexy fleshy taste,it was the first time I tasted sex,I remember how he gently held my head and gave me time to get used to his cock as he pushed it deep into my mouth,maybe everybody remembers the first time they sucked a cock.

He was gentleness itself right through the experience,there were a few who almost choked me,but he even at the height of his passion when he was in full spunk he made it something I wanted more and more of,and even to this day I love that first hot burst of spunk in my mouth.

In the loo in Lincs I ended up probably sucking off 8 or 9 cocks in a couple of hours,unfortunately the young lad was one of the first,one of the older lads had spunked but the other 3,we had already been joined by another lad,again in his 60s,watched as I, stripped naked by then,as was the young lad,took turns to suck each others cocks,it was almost like a little contest to see who could hold out longest,compared to some older lads his spunk was almost sweet.

I took myself off to my hotel for a couple of hours and after something to eat a sleep shower and shave,interestingly the only 2 who had a complete body shave was the young lad I'd sucked off and myself,its a younger generation thing.

I returned to the toilets later in the evening,to say it was popular would be an understatement,the door was locked but it was obvious it was in use,I was lucky that as I was about to leave somebody was being let out,they were'nt expecting somebody to be at the door,the lad with the key was wearing just a little pair of white briefs,obviously the cleaner,he could hardly say no to me.

It has been without doubt the best night of my life,I eventually got back to my hotel at about 2.30,brilliant.