Written by Clancy

15 Jan 2012

I stopped in Silloth earlier this week and there was one of the old toilets.Even as I went in I could tell it would be a sex place.There was a guy standing at the stall,I could tell right away he was wanking,his eyse asked the question,are you here for a wank.I could hear noise from both of the cubicles,there was fucking going on.I did'nt ned to say anything,I took my cock out and his eyes were on it right away as he turned towards me to show me his,as nice a piece of meat as I've seen for a long time.No time was wasted he took mine from my hand,I was only half hard but he quickly fixed that,I took hold of his and we did a bit of mutual,he had his balls out as well so I gave them a play.

I'm waiting for one of them to get finished he said,I've been here ten minutes,theres a couple in both, I'd have thought one of them would have shot their load by now,I'm dying for a fuck and I,m going to have to be away shortly and I don't want to just have a wank.

The door to one of them opened and a youngish guy came out,the usual flushed look after a session.The guy inside made no attempt to shut the door,he was bollock naked wanking on a fine specimen,looking at us saying right come on then who's next.

My newfound friend let go of my cock,said see you mate and went and joined him.I did'nt have to wait long the other door opened and one of the occupants left giving me a smile as I let him see my cock in my hand,she's a cracking fuck he said and he was gone,she I thought did he say she.The cubicle door was opened and 'she' was standing there,the full kit,bra,knickers,sussies and stockings,a hot shaven seven inch cock standing out of the knickers and not half bad looking,I knew right away I was going to fuck it,I went straight in.

Partition,what partition,there was about eight bricks missing from the dividing wall,the guy I'd been having a bit of mutual with a few minutes earlier was already also bollock naked,sucking cock.My 'she' was already undoing by belt and helping me off with my pants and briefs and within seconds was giving me the sucking I was badly in need of,it was almost a foursome,there was'nt any locks on the doors and already another guy was having a look at the action in both cubicles.

My friend next door was already fitting himself a rubber,he did say he needed to fuck and go,his mate was already in the receiving position ballanced on the bog showing a twitching and willing arsehole,I did'nt know what was getting the most attention my own cock being sucked hard and fast or me watching him push his cock deep up into the arsehole which I assumed was already lubricated by the previous guys spunk.

He seemed completely oblivious of the noise they were making as he fucked him,the guy who had come in was at the open cubicle door watching them fuck as he wanked.I was hoping for a longish session but watching them fucking was too much,I needed to fuck arsehole myself, 'she' did'nt need the situation explained to 'her',I took my cock from 'her' mouth,turned'her' around and bent 'her' over,I pushed the knickers down,I knew I should use a rubber but I was further on than I wanted to be,I knew I was'nt going to be able to stop myself spunking.

'Her' arsehole gave no resistance,'she'd' obviously already been fucked several times in the previous hour or so.My friend next door was already spunking,that was it,I needed to shoot my load and I was definitely shooting my load,I knew I was gripping 'her' cock and wanking 'her'.

My friend next door had already gone to be replaced by the next guy.'She' sat on the loo wanking and watched me clean myself and get my pants and briefs back on,'she' winked at me as I left,the guy now standing at the stall gave me a knowing look,he was of course wanking.