Written by sdevonrob

24 May 2012

A few weeks ago I thought I was on to a good afternoon of sex and fun which after an exchange of emails I had agreed to meet this guy for a few hours of uninhibited sexual enjoyment. A very long string of other commitments had prevented me from having some fun for quite a few weeks and what this guy had promised sounded exactly what I needed . The thought of having a few hours of uninhibited activity with a mature guy that had a big appetite for sex greatly excited me. On meeting him at his flat I was a little surprised to find that he was expecting a family visitor later that afternoon and subsequently what should have been an erotic few hours was going to be limited to what would happen in the next hour or so. I suppose my expectations were misplaced as I still hoped to get thoroughly fucked by an experienced active partner but the reality was quite disappointing. After twenty minutes of mutual oral and getting rimmed I was eventually turned over and felt my cheeks being parted and his hard cock sliding deep inside me. The following twenty minutes of his continuous thrusting finally produced a half hearted orgasm and which signalled that this particular session had come to an end leaving his sexual urges satisfied and me more frustrated than I was a few hours previously.

Being philosophical I accepted that there were times when what is planned or expected does not come to fruition so headed back home to South Devon, after all it was not the first time that a sexual meet had been somewhat one sided. I was not far from home and pulled in to a local car park that had a public toilet but not for any other reason than to use the available facilities. The toilet was not particularly renowned as a cottaging hot spot and no thoughts of getting lucky crossed my mind as there were no cars parked in the vicinity or men wandering about trying to look like normal passers by. My entrance triggered a hectic shuffling of feet as the occupants of the toilet block quickly changed position at the urinals in order to present an innocent scenario to whoever I might be. The quick bit of footwork by the two elderly guys had left the centre two urinals empty making it necessary to stand next to at least one of them. Not being that concerned I stood next to the guy on my right and it was soon very obvious what had been going on before my arrival as this particular gentleman was massaging a very presentable hard cock with his right hand and was quite intent on seeing what I was doing to mine. Having determined that the present company were somewhat like minded I also started to entice my cock into a more erect condition. Once he had realised that my attention was focused on his hard cock he relaxed and stood back a little so that I got the full view of what was being done. By this time my own interest in his activity had certainly had the required effect on me, and my own cock was now standing hard and proud. I instinctively reached out and grasped this mans thick hard cock with enthusiasm which was received with a groan of satisfaction. I continued to rub his dick and massage his heavy balls to the accompaniment of his free hand sliding down the inside of my track bottoms and fingering my already slippery hole. During this time the guy at the other end had been watching our progress and slowly wanking himself off. Now that I had got this guys cock nice and hard I leant forward to take it in my mouth and taste the precum juices flowing from the big purple head. The guy leant back against the wall meaning I had to bend over further to give a proper BJ but my balance was quickly steadied by man number two coming up behind me and grasping my waist. I immediately felt his hard cock rubbing up and down my arse crack to which I willingly responded by pushing back against him. Within a few seconds his hands had slipped inside my waistband and pushed my track bottoms down exposing all my arse for his attention. He wasted no time with more foreplay and positioned his dick for maximum penetration into my already lubed hole. My earlier frustration was taking control and the sensation of being deeply fucked at one end and a hard oozing cock in my mouth was wonderful. My cottaging activities had never been great as I always preferred sex in a more controlled environment but this was on the spur of the moment without planning and totally unexpected. My bj had brought man number one to a very forceful climax most of which went down my throat and the remainder all over his hard shaft. The thrusting of man number two had slackened in speed but went deeper in penetration as tho he wanted to bury his dick and balls way up inside me. I felt his cock spasms as he unloaded his pent up cum deep inside and the shuddering of his body as he shot the last drop into my eager hole. Without an exchange of words the men swapped places and the expectation was that I lick man number 2 clean while man number one slipped his still hard cock up my arse .

As much as this was a very attractive proposition the activity was quickly brought to an end by a vehicle stopping in the adjoining car park. A hurried rearrangement of clothing and an agreement to meet again was made before leaving the toilets . But more of this later . What started as a something or nothing interlude ended up as a very unexpected and enjoyable 20 minutes of raw sex.