Written by Jon_Lane

13 Feb 2011

I often go to the naturist beach at Morfa Dyffryn near Barmouth, it's always good for fun straight, bi or gay. If I just want a spot of solitude nude bathing I sometimes go to the North End of the beach at Harlech. It isn't an official naturist beach but you do see the occasional nude bather but you have to be a bit cautious although very few people actually make it to this end of the beach.

One day Ihile to make sure I was alone walked to the far end of the beach and sat down at the base of one of the dunes. I sat a while to make sure I was alone and then cautiously stripped off and lay down. After a while I noticed someone walking in the distance and so I put the small towel I had brought around my waist. The towel was so small it left a gap at the side. I sat down again and watched the guy get closer. I realised he was walking towards me and I stood up. He came over to me and began to pass the time of day. I said that I was deciding whether to go for a swim, he could deduce that I was naked under the towel but he didn't say anything although he kept glancing down where the gap in the towel was. He told me that he always walked at this time in the morning and lived in Harlech.

As he continued chatting I began to feel a warmth in my cock and it began to swell under the towel. I didn't particularly want it to as I wasn't sure what sort of reaction the guy would give if he clocked it. He continued talking until my cock was fully erect and there was no way he couldn't have noticed the tent it was making in the towel. He could no doubt see something of it in the gap in the towel which had now got wider. He kept glancing down but said nothing and eventually he said he had to go and that it had been nice chatting to me.

I watched him walk away into the distance and my cock subsided and when I felt I was alone again I stripped the towel away and lay down again to relax and catch the sun. After an hour or so I decided to walk down to the sea putting the towel round my waist before I went. I dropped the towel when I got to the sea and waded in and swam for a while before heading back to my spot near the dunes. I dried myself off and lay down again. Out of the corner of my eye I caught some movement at at the top of the dune - I covered myself and stood up to get a better look just in case it was someone wanting to complain about my nudity. There on top of the dune was the guy who had stopped to talk to me earlier but this time he was stark naked and sporting a very impressive erection.

My cock swelled at the sight and I dropped the towel and began to mirror the guys own wanking movements and then walked up to where he stood my erect cock bouncing as I did.

'I wanted to do this earlier' he said, 'but I wasn't sure how you would take it.' He reached out and took my cock in his hand and began to slowly wank it. He then knelt down and took the full length slowly into his mouth. It was exquisite, he had obviously done it before. I pulled away and lay in the sandy dune and he lay with me '69' style. I took his cock in my mouth, it was thick and was oozing pre-cum, it tasted wonderful. He was doing the same at the other end. We played with each other like this for a while until I felt like I was reaching the point of no return and I could tell that he was also there.

I sucked hard on his cock alternating between sucking and wanking and I could tell from the build up of tension in his body that he was ready to shoot his load. Suddenly I felt a gush in my mouth, I pulled his cock out to see another spurt shoot over my face and then another and another, I counted at least seven strong spurts followed by smaller ones until he had finally finished cumming. I was covered in his cum and I loved it. He began to concentrate on my cock, now fit to burst, his hand became a blur as he wanked it until I shot all over his face and chest. He then began to lick his own cum off me and asked me to do the same which added a bit more excitement to the event.

We sat down together and then we both heard a noise in the dune. I stood up and walked towards where the noise was coming from and as I got to the spot I saw a woman hurriedly walking away and as she did so she turned her face and smiled in my direction.

We both concluded that she had been watching us and by the look of the smile on her face she had enjoyed what she saw!