Written by david

29 Dec 2009

Ive just got back from Bristol where i spent Christmas with an old friend it my first Christmas after my divorce so i was looking forward to a pub lunch and getting plastered

my friend pauls marriage broke up 3 years ago so he was in the know about break ups.

while he was out opening a bottle of wine i flicked through his magazines came across a gay mag i was pretty shocked but i found myself looking at it felt a deep stirring it was German very hardcore 3 guys fucking the last picture cum bursting over another guys face

when paul came back in the room i was still reading it 'oh he said i thought ide put them all away 'you got something to tell me' i said

he put the wine down 'actually yes ' he said im gay i haven't come out but most of my friends around here know im gay

i was taken aback one of my oldest friends i said i couldn't believe it he said it was why he moved to bristol we drank some wine and he told me in his marriage he had been with men mainly at the sports club but going into london got to the stage where i prefer men

in Bristol nobody knew him so it was easier to meet men 'then he said why look so shocked David?? he took the magazine off me opened it at the center spread of 2 guys fucking i like fucking guys now'

i said i never guessed ' well you weren't to know but i know you like cock too don't deny it i felt uncomfortable ' remember Barnaby i know what you did with him ' it was a long time ago and it only happened the once i said ' ' yeah i know but Barnaby said you liked it liked it allot i know because i did him too and he told me'

i didnt mean you to see the mag you shouldn't have been so nosey what do you think im feeling horny and i can see from your cock your turned on ' i hardly realised he came over to me stroked my thigh working up to my cock which was so hard in my pants straining he undid my trouser pulled them down then my pants he took my cock held it tight making my head turn purple and pulse he wanked me slowly firmly 'like it?' i nodded ' i always wanted you once 10 years ago i nearly made a move on you the beach when we had a bbq remember we skin dipped the only reason i didnt get hard was because the sea was cold but wanted you then but you kept talking about Lynn how much you liked her didn't seem right but now we can make up for it'.

paul then moved down feeling his mouth slide down my cock pulling back my foreskin his tongue running over my head down the shaft over my balls then pushing my legs back he rimmed me my first time his tongue end hard teasing my hole pleasure exploded through my body i lay back letting it happen then he sucked my cock again

then i felt his fingers on my arse he pushed a finger i sat up he slid it in further i felt my cock get even harder 'want to fuck you you probably guessed im top and i know you have been bottom you let barny bugger you you remember his cock' i felt powerless to argue

paul looked really intense he opened my legs pushed between my thighs the out of a little draw in the coffee table he took out a condom KY and a capsule he then stood up undressed taking of his jeans and his tight pants his shaved cock stood out proud 8 inches well proportioned with a big head felt my mouth go dry my body weak he lent forward putting his hand behind my head pulling my lips on to his cock 'come on his said urgently' i opened my mouth he pushed his cock in tasted salty sweet blood hot hard he fucked my mouth it was great horny i then sucked him enjoying the sensation.

he then slipped on a condom lay on the sofa between my legs 'you want a popper make it easy for you ' i said ok he broke the capsule on a tissue then held it under my noes it was like a bright light going off in my head then my whole body went limp he pushed my legs back then his cock pushing on my hole then sliding into hot hard i felt full he immedetly started fucking me surging into me his face in my neck felt his heavy breathing he then kissed me sticking his tongue in my mouth i enjoyed it gradually i felt the popper wearing off my arse hole tightening round his cock it was beginging to hurt as he fucked me harder then he he moaned he was cumming i felt him thrust harder then his cock expanding agaist my tight hole and he came he fucked me till he went flacid.

he then rolled off me 'you liked that ?? ' 'god yes" i said 'lie back ' he said i did he sucked my cock it was delicious i came into his mouth we then lay together then went to bed where he fucked me again and through christmas i have no regrets im joining and this site i need it