Written by Harry_22

18 Sep 2013

“Have you ever done a gloryhole, Harry?” He asked me and I knew that he was not expecting me to answer, not yet at least. “You remind me of a guy I met once at a gloryhole,” he continued. I was only half listening, but he knew that. It did not bother him. He talked some more telling me about what fun gloryholes could be. I did not reply, I was happy with my distraction, but even if I had wanted to answer, it would not have been possible. Except maybe a moan or a groan in response.

We were in his office, the door was shut and to any external viewer there was only one person in the office, Bill, sat smartly at his desk seemingly talking to himself as he enjoyed a few moments relaxing back in his chair. There was no working going on, not unless you counted me, and as Bills comments told me, I was putting in a sterling effort under his desk. It was on oversized desk higher and wider than usual, but it did not look out of perspective thanks to his large build, 6ft 5 tall and nearly as broad he had joked with me online. He had told me about his desk and I had told him how I fantasised about blowing someone in their office. The rest as they say is history, but here I was 2 days later living out a fantasy for both of us.

Before the working day began, Bill let me in, led me to his office and showed me under his desk where I would be. He sat down and got me in front of the desk telling me to undress. I did as I was told and he sat silently as I peeled off my clothes to reveal my black knickers and stockings, held in place by snaps that connected to the matching black basque. He came round to me in no time, man handling me, grabbing my arse and rubbing on my cock, bulging as it was in the tight knickers. Standing in front of me he pulled something out of his pocket and I watched him uncurl a black leather collar. He stood behind me and I felt him grind his hard on into my lower back as he buckled the collar around my neck, close, but not tight. I was breathing hard and felt my cock throb in its prison.

“Get under,” he told me and he hooked a finger under the leather and led me round to where his chair had been. I crouched down and then crawled under his desk, surprised at how much room I had. I noticed rings screwed into the wood underneath and I trembled knowing what was coming next. I crawled until my head nearly hit the front side of the desk deliberately leaving my bum out for him. This was not part of the plan, but I was very pleased at the attention it got, hands grabbing firmly at my silky covered bum, a finger pushing the material into my crack as well. I felt a belt drop under and around me and a cold buckle touched my back. I felt a pull upwards and then with a click I realised that I was held in place now,

“Turn around,” I was told and with some fumbling and a couple of bangs on my head I managed it. He reached in past me and there was another click. My feet were against the front of the desk and I rested on my knees, my head just about poked out the back side of the desk, right by his chair I could tell as he moved back off me. He had a rope in his hand, red and waxy looking. He moved further back and I felt a pull my waist and I was eased slowly back. I was still on my knees, but my bum lowered slightly and then I felt is press on the cold front of his desk as well. I would have been upright if it weren’t for the desk top itself which kept head down and pointing to the chair. Reaching behind me he pulled something else and now I realised that I was locked in position; virtually squatting taking my weight on my hands and my head locked in position by the collar round my neck.

My heart raced as I did the only thing that I was able to do, watch Bill get into position. Standing at his desk he undid his belt and opened his trousers letting them drop to his ankles. Hid large cock half stood out from under his shirt and my body pulled on its bonds in reflex to try and get closer to it. He stepped out his trousers and boxers and sat on the edge of his black leather seat, painfully out of reach for me.

The whole thing felt so kinky. An amazing fantasy that he had clearly put a lot of thought and dare I say it planning into. He reached forwards putting his hands on the desk and he pulled his chair in. It felt like slow motion as he inched closer until at last the warm flesh of his cock pressed to my face. I could hear his breathing strangely amplified under his wooden desk as with what movement my collar would allow I move slightly side to side until I managed to roll his tip between my lips. I sucked him in and I felt him swell instantly. True to his word his cock was in proportion to the rest of him and soon my lips were stretched around his girth. I breathed raggedly through my nose as with a repetitive little squeak Bill rocked back and forth an inch or so, gently fucking my mouth.

He moved like this for some time, often pausing with a gasp or stopping to lift his cock up to let me lap at it or lick his shaft.

“Have you ever done a gloryhole, Harry? You remind me of a guy I met once at a gloryhole,” he continued. I smiled as best as I could to myself as finally I felt slack at my collar and as I lowered my lips fully onto him he placed his hands on my head encouraging me to take as much of him as I could.

“God, this is hot,” he near moaned as he continued to call me a little office slut, albeit one who was doing very well in the office. Suddenly he pulled back and with a rush I felt his hands on me as he reached under and around me again. He was feeling my undies I realised but as his hands explored I felt his big hands around both my wrists and ankles. I could tell he was thinking about other ways to bind me. His hand got to my knickers and he pushed under the material felling my bum until his hand bumped off the wood of the desk.

“Hmph,” he mumbled and I heard him say how there was no access to be had there.

“Oh yes,” he said, “ I see you are hard, Harry,” as he grabbed a hold of my cock. I stayed silent still, “If I could get there right now then I would be fuckin..” he broke off and he moved quickly again, “Shit!” he yelped as with no announcement at all he was before me again, his fist locked around his engorged tip. He pushed the purple helmet straight to my lips and I took it in just in time to coincide with his release. We were both caught unawares it seemed as he more trembled his spunk into my mouth than pumped it. But I got myself composed in time, letting his hot tasty come fill my mouth before swallowing him down. And I am glad I did as he had enough to do the same again. He stayed hard as he pulled away and he slumped into his chair. I was surprised to realise that I could no longer move my head again, I had not noticed him clip me back in place. His cock bounced as what looks like orgasm tremors played through him still and beyond I could see a mischievous grin.

As I watched he took his dick in hand and started wanking, it was fast and frantic and there was a real look of concentration on his face. He was grunting and breathing hard. He wanked furiously until he reached forward again, pulling himself up on the desk. Inches from my face, his big hand pumped fst on his big cock and then with a more guttural moan than before he came again, this time shooting thin hard lines of spunk rather than the thicker creamy stuff I had just drunk. I shut my eyes as he blasted my cheeks and nose some landing in my open slutty mouth as well.

He pulled on something as he sat back this time and I almost fell to floor. Free of my bonds I slowly got up, my joints complaining somewhat, and I finally got to pull out my cock. My slim 6 inches looked small near his even though he had subsided now by about half!

I sat on his desk and tugged on my deprived cock and in what seemed to be only a couple of pulls I was coming, aiming high to shoot my white spunk up and over my black basque. I was a heaving mess as I finished, my body was shaking and come was every where.

The silence was broken by Bill’s laugh and sudden exclamation, “Fuck,” he said, “that was awesome!”

I nodded in agreement still catching my breath.

“So about that gloryhole?” he asked, “I was thinking about having a party….”