Written by Rajhaisen

1 Mar 2013

It may have always been there, but, sometimes my body craves something and often it badly because it knows that it will not come in abundance. I have spent my spare waking hours constantly imagining and daydreaming about spending all day just satisfying every craving i can think of. Since a young age, i've always been a well behaved boy and particularly good at following orders and not breaking the rules. Nowadays, as a young lad in late 20s i find it very easy to follow authority when it is coming from a respectable older gentlemen who his at least in his 50s - One with a deep voice, who has can look into your eyes and whose glance persuades you to listen, and smile penetrates straight into you. As you might have guessed, i have an infatuation with cuddly older daddy type of men.

I have been going to my local gym for some time, but one day i walked in and discovered that there is a special room in the men's locker room. It is very disguised as the door is camoflaged with the wall patterns and it's near the men's toilets. I only found out about it after i saw a man go inside it once. Since then, i've been excited to know what is inside there. Then men's changing room is very nice at this gym, as it is quite large, often has a older white men who like walking around naked! It also has a steam room which is designed only for men, very small and intimate so we are all close together. Though, it is a straight gym and therefore is not designed for gays. I often wondered though, how amazing it would be to have some private rooms in case a few interested parties can enjoy private company without anybody knowing...

So... going back to this doorway that i discovered. One day when it was quiet, I tried walking into this doorway and it was locked. Then i thought, maybe it was a staff room and the other man that went in must have been staff. So then, temporarily lost my curiosity. On the same day I went into the gym and did my workout but i still couldn't the thoughts out of my head about what's in that room. After the workout, i tried going in there again. This time, i turned the handle and the door opened.....

[to be continued]