Written by Timmy

29 Mar 2016

This is a very true account of how things got started last year when I was 19 ,

I had split from my girl friend of 2 years and I was gutted and very down and had taken to drinking most nights in my local pub. On this one evening there was a group of strangers in the pub that had taken over one corner and looked like they was having some kind of meeting , every time I looked in there direction I noticed this man was always looking at me , he was proberbly in his late sixties very smartly dressed and I thought he must be the boss over the others , anyway at about 11 I said my good byes to the bar staff and started my walk home , I live in a very rural area and my walk is on one dark lane about a mile or so to my flat , I was half way home when I heard a car coming from behind me , I stepped to one side and as it approached it slowed down to a stop beside me , I looked and see it was a new and top of the range Audi , the window went down and I could see the driver was the old guy from the pub he asked me would I like a lift to the end of the lane ? I accepted and jumped in , we pulled away and he said that he had noticed me in the pub and that he thought I had looked very down so I explained about my girl and the split , he laughed and sais well you are young enough and so handsome im sure you will meet another girl if you really want to , then he came out with the shocker he said look im a gay single man and I would love to play with your cock ! I was stunned I had never had any gay or bi thoughts ever but for some reason I said ok maybe it was the drink talking and the fact that I hadn't had sex for a month , great he said I live about 5 miles from here would you like to come home with me ? I accepted , his home was fantastic a Victorian six bedroom place , we enterd the house and he showed me into the living room , can I touch you he asked , I said yes if you want to , he seamed very big to me im only 5ft6 he must have been 6ft4 , he started groping my bum with his massive hands and for some reason my cock got hard instantly , he reached round and groped my little cock ( yes its only about 4.5 inches long ) but im still proud of it , he then said me strip for me boy , and he went and sat on the soafer so I did he looked at me and said come and lay here next to him , he parted my legs and took hold of my cock and slowly wanked me with his thumb on my bell end , I came lots in his hand , since this first time ive met about a dosen older men that like to play with me , its so exciting being groped and wanked by old gay men