18 Mar 2017

So there I am sunbathing in my parents back garden and I can see the old bloke next door at his bedroom window watching me. He is clearly wanking under his dressing gown so I decided to give him something to wank to. I put my hand down my shorts and rubbed my cock hard, I watched him as I wanked he had given up any pretence now, his dressing gown was open and he was wanking what looked like a very big cock.

So I stood up pulled down my shorts and waved to him as I wanked off, he waved back and gestured for me to go to his back door. I went round he opened the door bollock naked sporting a huge uncut thick veiny cock. Must have been 9 inches at least. I went in he was on his knees straight away sucking my cock I spunked off within minutes he swallowed the lot.

Now it was my turn I got down and took his cock in my mouth, sucking hard, licking his balls and cock shaft, using all the tricks I had learnt in the toilets of local parks.

He pulled out saying he was going to spunk so I said spunk off on my face then, so he wanked and shot loads of spunk all over my face, not bad going for a bloke in his sixties, it was great, love older men.