Written by Lucky boy

5 Dec 2011

Im a Bi guy in my early 30s.Im not bad looking and fairly well built with a 6 inch cock.Ive always had a very high sex drive since i was a young teenager shagging anything with a pulse, but never beening shagged.The first time was when i was 18 and out of work and in desperate need of cash.A friend of mine suggested delivering leaflets for estate agents so i went to every one in my area and eventtually got a job for 20quid per thousand leaflets.

So it was the middle of the summer and very hot,and i was only in a pair of shorts goin into this quiet cul de sac when i noticed an old man on the other side of the road looking out of his window at me.As i said earlier i had a v high sex drive and was in the mood for some real fun.As i went road the cul de sac i was thinking or should i say i was hoping for some fun with this old man so had a semi on by the time i approached his house.

As i walked down his pathway i could see thru his glass door that he was in front of the door.He opened it as i got there.I was horny as fuck by now.He must of been in his sixtys and not bad shape.we said hello to each other as i passed him a leaflet. he then said my shoulders were looking red and i should put some suncream on to which i said i dont have any. As expected he suggested i should come in as he has some in his house,so i agreed.I was standing in the hallway as he dissapeared into another room with my hard on growing in expectation of what was happen. When he returned he told me to come into the kitchen where the light wes better and he could apply the cream on me.I did as i was told and followed him in.as i got there he was looking at my crutch which had a rock hard cock gagging to get out.

He slowly started putting the cream on my shoulders which felt good.He went down my back and round my sides which gave me goose bumps.When he got to the small of my back he slowly put pressure on my back so i lent forward slightly.as i did this i felt his fingers go down the back of my shorts and onto my arse.He had my arse in his hands now and was giving me a good feel up.He pulled my shorts down with no objection from me and started stroking my anus.As he did this i bent over some more so he could finger me which he did,and did very well.He then turned me around and started kissing me.i could feel his cock busting to get out so i undid his trousers and let it loose.it was a good 7 inches and hard.by pure instinct i got on my knees and started suckin him off.He was moaning quite loud then suddenly pulled away and pulled me up. He then turned me around and told me to bend over the kitchen table,i told him i hadnt been fucked yet so go easy on me.He said he would so i bent over the table and braced myself.I could feel his bell end pressing against my hole.he had hold of my hips and was pulling me towards him as his tip entered my hole,it hurt like shit but at the same time felt great.He spent a good while pushing the rest of his cock in me and started slowly fucking me.It felt great havin a cock in me.As he felt my arse loosen off he started getting faster and harder with each thrust,i was in pure heaven.He was really goin for it now and i started pushing back to get him in me more and more.I could feel his balls against mine so i reached round and started caressing them with my hand which sent him to a whole new level.He was grunting and moaning and fucking me so hard i thought he was split me in two.He started saying things like u enjoying yourself boy having me fuck your brains out to which i had to agree.I felt him go all taught so i started pushing back on his cock as he emptied his balls in me.

My arse was numb and a little bit sore as i got my shorts back on.i thanked him for the fuck and agreed that i would be back for more.