Written by Jamie frm G

15 May 2008

We both lay on the bed naked chatting.The conversation turned to sex. He said he was married ,and though he enjoyed sex with his wife ,he had over the years had great sex with men. He said his wife would suck him off but she would never swallow his spunk. He asked me about my sex life and if I had sucked many cocks. I told him my first experience was actually in a public toilet . I had gone to use it quite innocently, and happened to look through a hole in the wall, there was a chap in the other cubicle completely naked. He was wanking himself, I took my eye from the hole but then looked again. I did,nt expect to get an erection looking at another man but I did. I suddenly found myself wanking. For some strange reason I removed all my clothes and stood facing the hole wanking myself.

I knew he was watching me and realised I was loving it. A note was pushed through the hole telling me how nice I looked. There was a gap under the partition ,I saw his hand come under making a wanking motion, at first I was,nt sure . As I looked I saw both his knees spread apart under the partition, I got on my knees and looked underneath, he was wanking ,I put my hand through and had my first expreience of holding another mans cock. I instinctivly started wanking him. I suddenly had this massive urge to feel him cumming off. He did,nt dissapoint me, I could suddenly feel his cock swell in my hand and then his hot spunk on my forearm, I continued wanking him until he pulled away.

I looked at his spunk on my arm, it was white and creamy and still hot ,for some strange reason I touched it with my tongue, I had swallowed my own,but this was new. I found myself licking it all off my arm, I think I became addicted at that point.With the taste of his hot spunk in my mouth I wanked myself off into my hand and drank my own spunk.

He was wanking himself as I told him my story. I don,t want to come off again right now he said, so lets go and get something to eat. I watched him dresshis cock going back down. He bought us a nice meal. We sat having a drink, a few people said hello to him.A chap whom he obviously knew approached and said do you mind if I join you. He bought some more drinks. I was feeling a little tipsy.They talked about work, I went to the toilet , when I returned Isensed they had been talking about me. We had another drink. He said I,m away to my bed , I,ll see you.

We went to our room and were quickly undressed. I need you to suck me he said, he lay on the bed, I was more than pleased to oblige. His hand was wanking me as I sucked him, his balls were really hot in my hand. A knock on the door disturbed us,we disengaged ,he walked to the door naked and opened it, it was the chap from the bar, nice one he said as he looked at his erect cock and entered the room and thats a beauty he said as he looked me up and down. Cary on what you were doing he said, I,ll catch up as he removed his clothes.

This was going to be my first threesome. He was already fully erect and stood there wanking himself, I,d like to just watch he said. My friend said lie on the bed and let him see me sucking you then we,ll suck each other. It was great being watched, he was wanking himself furiously. We were between each others legs sucking ,he approached the bed and said watch me. He grunted loudly as he shot his spunk over both of us. Enjoy yourselves he said as he left the room. How quick was that I thought. Lets wash his spunk off and have some fun my friend said.