Written by Spunklover.

11 May 2011

I'm new to these sites,I've been married and have lived with a lass for some time but it ended last year.Being bisexual was my secret and looking at some stories on here I;m not alone.I kept female undies in my car over the years and wore them in many a public loo.Like a lot of others on here I loved the gloryholes and the excitement of sex with a complete stranger,but having said that I also enjoyed the hot silky inside of a fanny and the first time I managed to get my cock,without coming off first,all the way up an arsehole was with a woman and that was at about the fifth attempt.

Anyway why I;m writing this story is because a couple of months ago I moved to live on my own here.Within a week or so when I was in my bedroom I noticed the young man next door sitting on his patio one morning in as sexy a pair of undies as ever I've seen,a few writers have mentioned skimpy undies on here,well these were skimpy,just about covering what looked like a very nice mouthfull between his legs.

I did'nt know at the time that he was wanting to be seen,he gave no indication that he was aware I was watching him.He got up and walked about a bit,went down the garden a bit and bent over looking at some plants giving me a lovely view of his barely covered muscular cheeks,you can imagine what I was thinking.I was wearing just my dressing gown and needless to say I quickly had my hand on my cock giving myself a wanking.

As he walked back to the patio I got a great view of his manly piece,as I said barely concealed in that little white covering,and still not the slightest indication that he was aware of me,right then I would give anything to tear that piece of cloth off his loins and devour the secret it was hiding.I was fairly sure he had to be at least half cocked right then all I could think of was sucking it to full cock and then off.

He went indoors leaving me standing in my bedroom wanking myself.I kept an eye out for him,I'm retired so I've got the time, but because of the weather it was nearly a week later before I saw him again,different undies but equally skimpy,he was sitting on the patio drinking a glass of water,I was naked looking from behind my bedroom curtain.As if by accident the glass slipped from his hand emptying the water into his lap,he immediately jumped up and started to rub himself down and then in one quick movement his undies were off and he was using them to dry himself.

That was the first time he gave away that he was aware of my presence,it was just a quick glance towards my window,almost unoticable but it was obvious he knew I was spying on him.He held his cock in his left hand as he used his undies to dry his balls,he was getting a hardon,which he had every right to,he was on his own property,I was being the dirty old man,another almost unoticable glance towards my window and a glint of a smile.

His cock was visibly rising in his hand and he started to do what any young man should do when that happens he started to wank it.He was standing facing my window now,his hand moving up and down slowly along the shaft of his all of 7 inch cock,covering and uncovering the already swollen head,he was looking straight at my window,he was arching his back pushing his cock in my direction as if to say,right this is what you wanted now what are you going to do.

The funny thing was for a moment or two I was'nt sure but then pushed my curtain open and stepped up close to the window holding my rigid cock in my hand.He gave me a big smile and then a thumbs up with his free hand as the other started to wank himself faster.That first occasion ended in us just watching each other wanking ourselves off he on his patio me at the window of my bedroom.

He came first shooting his spunk into the air,I was a second or two behind,shooting it onto the glass,again he gave me the thumbs uo sign.As I emptied myself off I watched him squeese the last of his spunk into his undies,I was already thinking what a waste,but very soon we would enjoy mouthfulls of each others spunk.