22 Aug 2018

I’ve just got back from a very pleasant few hours, mostly on my knees, receiving cock and spunk into my grateful mouth.

I am working here for a while and researched some gay dogging sites locally of which there are quite a few around the lakes. The one where I had most success was close to the V11 and H5 junction.

You have gathered I am bottom and I had just bought some fresh lube so when I got to the car park and seeing a man standing by his car I went for a wander into some bushes. He followed me slowly so I had time to lube my bum hole and insert a small butt plug. My shorts around my knees.

He came close and started to play with my rather disappointing cock, gradually it got harder and grew but what I wanted was his cock! I asked if he wanted it sucked and he very quickly dropped his shorts so needing no further invitation I was on my knees with his soft but tasty cock in my mouth. I love getting cocks hard in my mouth it feels so good and gives me, as a sub bottom, a pathetic sense of achievement.

It was not long before his lovely cock was fully hard in my mouth, it was not too big and I was hoping he may want to fuck my bum so I made moaning and satisfied noises as I sucked him and fucked myself with my plug. Sadly he did not take the hint and even worse pulled out of my mouth saying he was meeting someone else soon, I told him that was a terrible shame for both of us as I wanted his cum, and still on my knees, I reached for his cock again.

He must have thought sod my next meeting as he started to fuck my mouth as if he meant it, I loved it and we were both moaning as he shot his lovely load of cum onto my tongue. It tasted great of course and I swallowed it all.

A fantastic meet, fucking my own bum with a butt plug and having my mouth fucked by a hard cock. I didn’t think the evening could get better, but it did within 5 minutes!