Written by over33 hotmale

29 Aug 2012

I gave in to Dougs persuasive manner as he plied me with gin and tonics, and showed me his stash of porn mags, DVD's and toys. I actually felt quite horny and relaxed as he suggested we retire to his bedroom.

It was a large room with huge king size bed and full length mirrors along one wall. The curtains were already drawn and the lighting was warm and subdued. The room was quite feminine with pinks and reds the main colours.I felt quite turned on being there alone with Doug, not knowing exactly what was coming and how the night would evolve.

Doug said that I would be his slave for the night and that he would expect me to obey his commands, as I was his fuck buddy until morning.

Ho opened a drawer and pulled out some frilly lingerie, stockings and suspender belt and told me to undress and put on this underwear so I would be his sissy boy. I did as I was told and then lay on the bed awaiting his next instruction.

He stripped down to his y-fronts and I could see his hardness. He pulled out his cock and thrust it towards my mouth and told me to take him and suck him until he was satisfied.

I felt him throbing harder and bigger as he fucked my mouth.He was now ready to take me fully and told me to get on all fours so he could enter me doggy style.

I felt his cock head pressing against my tight anus. He pushed his cock in past my ring until I could feel him pressing against my bum.And then he stopped while I felt him throbbing inside me.

I was in so much pleasure with his cock inside me, it was such a good fit.

Then he slowly withdrew from my ass and slid it all the way back in stroking back and forward with long strokes.

My cock was hard. He continued pushing his cock in and pulling it out. Deep thrusts into my man pussy, and it felt warm and good. I was enjoying the moment.

He picked up speed and began to fuck me harder and longer. He gasped obsenities, saying I loved being fucked and loved wearing stockings and was his sissy fuck boy, my ass was for his pleasure and he would fuck me all night..

My head was staring to spin, the gin and tonics were kicking in...............I passed out and fell asleep as he finished fucking me, and he too fell asleep his cock still fully inside me.

I woke up in the morning to find his cock still in me and getting hard again. He gradually got fully erect and began fucking me again. My ass felt ward and wet and sensuous. I was tingling with pleasure as he fucked me harder and longer this time– at least 30 minutes of him taking pleasure and pounding my ring slowly, then hard and fast, and then slowly again.

He told me he’d fucked me for 10 minutes whilst I’d been asleep before he had cum and fallen asleep himsef.

When Doug finally came for a second time, I experienced a full orgasm with no direct stimulation at all, an amazing experience and if you ever get the chance you should try it too. Wearing sexy lingerie was a bonus. I am hooked.......