Written by Andy

30 Nov 2010

I have known for many years that I was bisexual and had experimented with men on and off for some time. I am married and have a fairly open-minded wife. In 1994, I confessed my attraction to men to her and she brings it up fairly regularly when we have sex. It always makes her wet and willing! We are both attractive people and I have had my fair share of comments from gay men over the years, sometimes I take them up on it but I always tell my wife when I have had an encounter as the sex is usually very hot. I have a very thick cock which is about 7 inches long with a big bulbous head, I am also into watersports.

I have been seeing a 28 year old gay man for a little while now but without my wife knowing. He is very horny and has a beautiful cock and a very fuckable arse! He is slightly built with no fat on him and he is very submissive. I like to instruct him to dress in stockings and suspenders before I und to his flat where I like to let myself in and find him bending over for me. I love licking his anus until it relaxes and I can push three fingers up him, then taking his slim 5" meat all the way into my mouth. He spunks loads and I have trouble swallowing everything he gives me.

Last week, I invited him to mine on a Saturday afternoon thinking my wife was away in Leeds shopping with her best friend. I made him strip down to his lace knickers and parade around the house for me which made his cock very hard. As he made the lunch I slipped behind him and stroked his arsehole sliding my middle finger up him and teasing him to distraction. I was telling him what I would do to him after lunch and that this was just a tease when the kitchen door opened and in walked my wife! Her friend was sick and they didn't go to Leeds after all.

She was open mouthed and a bit upset. “What are you doing?” she demanded to know. I introduced Graham who was also a bit shocked and embarrassed, and told her the whole story of how I’d been fucking him regularly and that I still loved her but I needed cock now and again. She was a bit taken aback, “So what were you two going to do this afternoon?” she asked. We were going to spend the afternoon in bed actually, I replied but I think that’s gone out of the window.

“Well, I’m not going to spoil your fun. Take Graham upstairs and do whatever it is you two do to each other, I’m going for a shower” she said and went off to the bathroom. She had a glint in her eye and I knew she was turned on by finding me with my boyfriend. We did as she told us and went to the bedroom.

After we calmed ourselves a bit I cuddled Graham and our cocks betrayed us by getting hard. I took him in my arms and kissed him passionately, running my hands down to his lace covered arse and fondling him. My finger slipped into his arsehole and I fucked him with it tenderly. His cock was leaking pre-cum leaving a damp stain on the front of his knickers. I stopped kissing him and dropped to my knees, pulling his cock from the constraints of his knickers as I knelt in front of him. I took his cock in my hand and gently wanked him peeling the foreskin back to reveal the shiny head; I put my mouth round the end and started sucking him. His hips moved fucking my mouth and he moaned, “Oh god I’ve been waiting for you to do that, be careful I’m close to cumming already”. I stopped sucking and teased his balls with my tongue instead, then turned him round so that I could get my tongue in his arsehole. As I was getting into rimming him, my wife walked in with a towel round her. “ So that’s what you like to do, I won’t let him do that to me Graham, filthy bastard” she said, this just made me hornier. She came and sat on the bed next to Graham’s arms as he used the bed to lean on to expose his hole to me. She reached out and held his cock, wanking him slowly, fascinated by another guy’s cock other than mine. She let go and said “ I want to watch you both fucking, and I want to watch you – pointing at me – take all his spunk in your mouth” She sat up at the head of the bed, made herself comfy and let the towel open to expose her hairy pussy. It looked very red, swollen and wet already.

Graham and I got on the bed and played with each other, then he went down and sucked my cock until I was about to cum. My wife come over to me and squatted over my face, “Eat my cunt you naughty man”, she ground her wet cunt into my face and then came on me. She squirts so it was messy. As she squirted I spunked in Graham’s mouth, “Swallow his load” she demanded. Graham did as he was told. “Now wank over him”. I didn’t move and Graham shuffled over to put his cock in my face. He was wanking to a climax when she removed his hand and finished him off, emptying his balls onto my face and my mouth. She bent over and kissed me deeply savouring his spunk.

We were a little embarrassed when we had all calmed down. My wife said she was happy for me t fuck Graham but she wanted to watch and be involved. Graham said he wouldn’t fuck her but she was adamant that his cock was too small for her anyway! So the rules now are that I can fuck Graham in front of her, she wanks him off sometimes but he’s not interested in anything else. She really gets off on me fucking Graham’s arse and has masturbated to climax watching me. I am lucky that she understands my bisexuality and I get to suck and fuck my boyfriend when I want – as long as I tell her the details.