Written by W4C

6 Mar 2016

im a great beliver in right place right time and this is what introduced me to gay sex

a little about me first

My names Will .im 42 and married with 2 kids .Life is good and don't have a lot of issues .I take everybody as I meet them and live and let live is the mantra .All my life ive been a ladies man until I got married and never crossed my mind about sex with men

Until Nick.

Nick is friend of my wifes since they were schoolkids and he came out a while back now . Hes 6ft 2 very slim and good looking and not camp .Hes a sorta regular visitor to ours and is great with the kids He recently got engaged to a guy and is very happy

However.Young Nick still has a bit of a roving eye as I found out

I was dropping some shelves round to his flat and found him home alone as his partner was out ."Fancy a beer or wine?" he asked . I was slightly supprised that he was only wearing cycle shorts but hey! its his place.

"ill take a beer" I answered. Soon we was chatting and I was askng about the weddingc then I suddenly thought " hes got a good body" and shook my head a little.and started getting twinges in what was a ladies only twinge area. "another beer I think" he said ."why don't u leave the car and cab home later?" I agreed and texted home saying I was having a few drinks with Nick . We chatted a bit more and my twinges were getting a bit urgent now.Whats up with me? I thought

I went into his bathroom and without thinking poured my beer down my shirt and nearly fainted with anticipation.Sod it, im going to do this" I thought

I called out and told him what I had done and stripped down to my shorts as he opebed up his washing machine. I was straining against my briefs and waited for him to notice. and he did

"Nick whats it like?" I asked

"whats what like?" he smiled.knowingly

"Fucking men" I asked

"I like it " he said .

"would I?"

Well im not married yet " he said and put his hand on my cock. I nearly bloody fainted

He took my hand and removed mine and his underwear and we started to stroke each other. Then he moved in for the kiss

We snogged fiercely ,all the time stroking and gripping .

He pushed me against a wall and went down on his knees and took my cock hard into his mouth and bobbed his head up ,flicking my helmet with his tounge .I grabbed the back of his head and gagged him a little whilst he proceeded to stick a finger in my arsehole. Damm this was good.

We went to the bedroom and instinctively got into the 69 position and I looked down on his massive smooth cock .Took a deep breath and went in!!! OOooooooooo my God ,I should have done this years ago. I was sucking him like a vetran at this and pulling his skin up and down in time . He was moaning and muttering so I sat above him and let him take me in the mouth while I face fucked him . I wasn't ready for anal just yet so he was happy to continue with mutal suck and fuck.Then he put me on all fours and I was staggered .I felt his tounge on my ringpiece while he wanked me off .AAAAAAAhhhh

"nick im im gonna come " I squeaked . "In my face " he ordered

I stood above him and wanked furiously into his face and then shot my load deep into his mouth .Him sucking at me .

The favour was returned and then it was difficult small chat time

"probably best we don't mention this to our partners " I semi seriously said . f course he agreed. n the provisio that we would become fuck buddys . Im happy with that

So if your in Hillingdon and reading this then we should start talking . Or perhaps we already have??

Until next time ......