Written by gazz

26 May 2012

hi im a gay guy in my 40s and live in london,i was on a gay website on saturday night looking for some oral fun,in the chat room a message came through from a gay couple asking to chat i took the invite,they lived 10 miles away,after a little chatting they was 51 and in to leather,i got to there house the door was opened by john a tall guy in leather chaps and waist coat,he shut the door and grabbed my crutch suck this he said,i got on my hands and knees to suck his large cock,i was sucking away when his partner simon appeared a guy in leather shorts with a bulge in them,they started kissing while i sucked,we went to the bedroom where i sucked simon,the action hotted up as i was spit roasted which i didnt expect,swallowing spunk and being fucked,after a while simon left the room and when he came back there was another guy with him,the 3 of them fucked me senseless,my jaw ached with sucking,i left at 5 in the morning,ive been contacted by them again about a party they are having,it was one experince i will never forget,better than any touching in saunas