Written by trainman

1 Jun 2015

last week drove to cruising area on a sunny afternoon.....temp had gone through the roof and i was feeling horny after sunbathing

i was wearing very tight white lycra shorts, t shirt and trainers....

parked between a few empty cars, guessed guys were wandeering the woods, sat and began stroking my cock thru the flimsy material......my steel cock ring was creating a solid shape in the shorts and my cock began to swell filling them too....

within a couple of minutes i noticed two or three guys walking back to their cars looking over at me......so when they got in and didn t drive away i thought they must b up for some play so i slipped my tshirt off, got out of the car and walked to boot......leaned over into it so the shorts were real tight and rode up the crack in my cheeks and stayed there for a few seconds making out i was looking for something....then turned to face them knowing they could see the large bulge of my cock and balls straining to burst out of the thin lycra...

closed the boot and got back in drivers seat, window down and slipped the shorts to my ankles so i was basically naked.....the shiny steel cock ring was tight around my cock and balls pushing them forward as i stroked and wanked the shaft....

in the mirror i saw one of the guys get out of his car and walk towards my car....he had one hand in his pocket, playing with his cock i assumed and when he was alongside my car he stopped and pretended to look around but kept glancing in at me.....he could only see my naked chest and torso, so he walked on by then a few paces away turned and walked back this time coming close to the car, almost alonside it

he was carrying a map and when he got to my door he stopped put one hand on the roof and asked if i knew the way to a particualr place, all the time watching me wank my cock as i sat there naked....i could see through his trousers that his cock was hard, then i heard another car door slam and looking in the mirror saw the other guy walking over

he came straight over and standing at the door made out he was 'helping' the guy with the map but neither of them spoke they were both just watching me.....the guy with the map eventually said 'that's a lovely cock, do you like it sucked?'....i just looked at him and nodded all the time slowly wanking and stroking it....the other guy was bolder and reaching in the window he began pinching one of my nipples, which I adore, rolling it and tugging it too

he looked around and deciding the three of us were alone unzipped his cock and released it from his jeans, lovely and thick, quite long and shaved like mine....he wanked it at the window almost leaning in the car and then he leaned in and taking my cock in his hand guided it into his mouth and began sucking me

i think the map guy was nervous but couldn't stop watching as i sat back in my seat naked with this guy sucking my cock as we were all in a car park in the trees, early afternoon in the sun

the guy sucking me suggested we walk into the trees and continue, saying he knew a quiet spot....so a few minutes later the three of us were in a clearing, sun coming through the trees, we could hear people in the distance.....and he got down on his knees and rubbing his face against my cock n balls, slowly slid my shorts down so my cock sprang back and slapped his face.....then as he wanked himself he guided my cock between his lips and sucked me deeply.....I was naked, the guy had pulled my shorts off and got me to spread my ankles wide so he could play with my ass as he sucked me ..... the map guy unzipped his cock and began caressing me, his hands were all over my body gently stroking my chest, ass, naked thighs and stomach then he began kissing me all over as he wanked himself....he stood behnd me nestling his cock between my ass cheeks then reaching round with both hands pinched my nipples, stroked my belly and kissed my neck.....

fabulous.....being naked in the sun with one guy kneeling sucking me, playing with my ass and the other behind me, pinching and rolling my nipples and slowly thrusting his cock between my legs

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