Written by Michael

26 May 2009

I was 19 and had just moved into a little rented terraced house.Happy to be away from home for the first time.I knew I had gay tendencies but had no chance to explore them living with my Mum.I ordered some "gay" lingerie from a site on the internet.I,d often entertained the thought of wearing girls undies.

I,d arrived home from work one evening,about 7.30 there was a knock on my door,a chap stood there with a parcel in his hand,I live next door he said,I think this was delivered by mistake I opened it before I looked at the name and house number I think they are for you he said with a smile on his face.

He put his hand in the bag and took them out.I was mortified,they,re nice he said,enjoy wearing them,I was struck dumb.My name,s Alf he said offering me his hand,Michael I blurted out,nice meeting you he said if there,s anything you need at anytime I live next door,he looked me up and down smiling and left.

I just stood there the undies in my hand then decided to put them back in the bag suddenly finding that the bag also contained fliers for gay sex aids,what must my neighbour think,he was a chap in his 50s,well built.After I,d had a shower and calmed down I tried them on,I loved them immediately wanting to wank myself off wearing them.I tried each of them in turn admiring myself in the mirror,they were soft and silky not to mention skimpy,I loved coming off in them.

It was about a week later,there was a note through my door,another parcel has arrived for you,must be too big for your letterbox,posted through mine,I,ll be in between 7 and 7.30.I was surprised because I had,nt ordered anything,maybe they had doubled up.I felt embarrassed already,what must he be thinking.

At 7.15 I picked up thr courage to knock on his door,it took a few seconds for him to answer,he was wearing just a towell around him.Just going to get in the shower he said did,nt think you were calling,come in he said walking away,I had to follow.The packet was on the table,he picked it up and smiled at me then stood close in front of me as he handed it to me.He did,nt let it go as I went to take it,we were both holding it.

He looked straight into my eyes,his other hand reached and touched the front of my jeans,I froze. His fingers probed my privates,I made no attempt to stop him,he let go of the parcel and released the towell from his waist,he was completely naked.I could,nt stop myself glancing down,his cock was already semi erect.He found my cock through my jeans and squeesed gently,I felt myself becoming erect in his hand.