17 Jan 2017

Went to my usual place of finding sex with men last night, 16th. Car park on A46 Coopers Hill, Brockworth. First time just before 7pm. I pulled in just after another car. Parked right next to it. I got out for a wee and the man in the other car got straight out and went to the back of his car. I spoke to him and he seemed very interested. Difficult to see for a few moments but I could see he was younger than the usual men I meet there. 30s perhaps. Usually 50s upwards! I'm 69. I went up to him and he already had his cock out. It was rigid, slight upward curve, uncut, shaved. Perfect! I started wanking him and it just felt so good. I've had sex with lots of men over a 40+ year period and wanked and sucked all shapes and sizes of cock. This one has to be as good as any I've had to pleasure of touching. I soon went down on him and it was even better! Lovely foreskin which I could push right back with my lips. He was loving it. 5 minutes and he started to make all those noises we make when building to a climax. He pulled my head right down and shot his spunk in my mouth. I carried on sucking with a decent load but in the end he had to pull away. He had a big smile on his face and said how good I was at sucking. I must have swallowed quite a bit of his spunk. The rest I spat out.

Later on I went back and there were several cars parked up and 4 or 5 men around. We all had our cocks out and wanking each other. I went down on a couple of them. 1 quite a slim 6 inch, 1 massive at least 6 inch! 1 shot his load but not in my mouth, which was a shame. I then sucked on another but he pulled out and shot. He said he didn't realise I wanted him to cum in my mouth. Then 2 of us went over to a car with the driver still it. We started to wank each other and I went down on the slim 6 incher. Then the man in the car gave him a suck as well. We then took turns sucking him but he was unable to cum. Shame! I then went home to my unsuspecting wife. I always carry breath freshener and wipes in the car to get rid of spunky smells and cleaning myself! Saying that all the men were clean. I've only ever had one smelly one which I certainly wouldn't have wanted to touch let alone suck. My cock is stiff now so will read a few more stories on here and then watch some porn.