Written by Tiny Tim

7 Jul 2011

Reading this story on here by the guy with his small 'manhood'.I'm a small guy too,5'3",my cock measures no more than just over 3" fully erect.Like that guy I copped on fairly early that I was never going to be entertaining too many of the girls.The same story in the changing rooms at school,I used to envy the other lads with their lovely long ones and of course they gave me stick.i'm 22 now and I've probably had more sex than any of them.I moved away from home at 18,had my own flat,the lady I rented it from took convincing I was actually 18,I shaved about once every month.

It was at the local swimming baths that I attracted the attention of an older man.There were'nt that many people in there,mostly older women.I'm having a rest between lengths and he stops beside me and starts talking to me,he knows I'm a stranger and from his conversation he dose'nt think I'm 18 either,he did'nt ask me my age but I could tell,I'm not stupid and I know what he's up to.

Within seconds of me going in the changing room he's in there too,just the two of us.I know exactly what he's after and I think my own juices must have been running a bit high.I take my shorts off and decide to have a shower,his eyes are litterally out on stalks but he's being careful.He asks me if I'm living at home with my mum and dad,I said I'd got my own flat,I could almost hear his brain working.He's sitting there in his speedo trunks watching my shower,it was clear where most of his attention was on,I think the fact that I have almost no body hair and the bit I have is blonde was adding to his desires and he was having desires,I could see he wanted to fuck me.

Then the question,have you got a girlfriend,when I said no his little eyes lit up,well I think they did,then he said do you not bother with girls then,I just smiled,how obvius could he get.

Just as I'm about to get out of the shower he pushes his trunks off and gets in next to me,he's already got a semi hardon,which is the first bit he starts to wash.I have a lot of difficulty getting a hardon and even though I'm feeling turned on by his cock and the way he's playing with it mine is staying tiny by comparison..

He ended up getting himself hard and I think the fact that I was still there told him that i was willing.He was the first guy I ever wanked off,he said we should get dressed,then offered me a lift,then asked me to come to his place for a drink and when we got there the one about it being so hot he needed to take his clothes off again.Of course he said I'd be more comfortable if I took my clothes off as well.Just pretending while all of this was going on that I was much younger than I was and that I did'nt have a clue what he was up to added to the thing..

He started telling me how he suffered from pains down his legs and said he'd show me exactly where,being much smaller than him he went on a knee put one of his hands on my bottom and then started to move the other up and down my thigh,sometimes the pain goes roight into my groin he said,moving his fingers up to touch against my balls,sorry he said,but when I said it was OK,luckily it has never affected my willy he said and that was the first time his fingers held mine.

His own cock was almost at bursting point,jerking and jumping between his legs as he knelt there.I did'nt try to stop him as he started to roll my cock between his fingers and it began to work,it began to get hard,his other hand was rubbing over my bottom,I could hear his breathing get deeper and louder,I could feel him shaking.

He got my cock to its full 3" his fingers probing over my completely hairless pubic area.It was the first time I would have my cock sucked,as it happens the first of many times,you'd be surprised the demand there is for small suckable cocks,four of his friends want to suck me regularly and I wank them on a regular basis.

That first time as he sucked on my cock he started to wank himself,it was the first time I'd seen a man do it and I was more than willing to finish him off when he asked me to,he did of course suck me off.I know he's a bit of a pervert but I like him.