Written by Phil231

20 Aug 2012

Here’s another true story. My previous one was published on SH stories just a couple of days ago on the 18th.

I started off being hetero, but I’ve always liked to wear women’s undies, then progressed to sex with cross dressers, but now I’ve had sex with a bi man. Am I gradually becoming gay? If I am, I don’t care. The more open minded you are the more sexy opportunities you have.

I contacted Darren (not his real name), who is bi, on SH and we wanted to meet to have sex. He told me he was very sub and would do anything I wanted. Well one thing I have always wanted was to have my arsehole licked. Darren said he would even do this for me. Wow!!

We’re both married so I thought about getting a hotel, but he suggested a gay club he knew in Leeds. We met in a lay-by and I followed him to the club.

This was the first time I’ve been to a gay club. Darren took me to the changing room and we both got undressed. All we took out of the changing room was a towel each, plus I brought a pair of my wife’s used panties as Darren had asked. She had taken them off that morning, so the double gusset was still slightly moist, and smelled and tasted of cunt. The panties were flesh coloured with a see through stretchy nylon type material at the rear, a cotton double gusset and lace panels at the front, decorated with beautiful little bows at the hips. Darren brought a blindfold. He is slightly built, Really sub, and Really sexy.

We went into the main part of the club and he showed me around. I was so turned on by seeing all the men wandering around wearing just a towel and looking for raw sex. There’s something so sexy about men who are rampant and just want to fuck anything and shoot their loads anywhere. What I realised I really wanted to do was just kneel down and suck off any cock that wanted it. I’m a total cock slut deep down. But as I said this was my first time and I didn’t know the etiquette, and anyway I was too shy. But believe me, if I had the nerve I would love to do just that.

We went from room to room. In one room two men were watching a gay DVD and fondling each other under the towels. In another there was a low chair with a hole in the base. Darren said that’s where he could lie down and lick my man pussy. The whole scene was so sexy I just felt so horny, I’m telling you, if a gang of men had lined up and asked me to suck them off I would have, one after the other!! Another room had a kind of cradle into which two men were strapping a third man. They were all wearing leather and straps and things. That looked really sexy and interesting and I would have gone back to have a look at developments, but instead I got my own sexy experiences.

Darren and I went into a room which had a low bed and a window onto the corridor. He looked so sexy I just had to kiss him. We hugged each other and I placed my hand on the back of his neck and gently drew him towards me. Compliantly his head came forward and our lips met and soon we were kissing passionately with our tongues intertwined. He tasted wonderful. He was so sexy, just like a willing girl with the added benefit of a cock. That’s what I like about men, all the advantages of sex without having to chat them up.

I lay Darren down on the bed and kissed him again. Once more our tongues intertwined and his little tongue was just like a girl’s, it tasted fantastic. I was so horny. We gradually felt each other’s bodies, especially cocks, balls and arses. I sucked his dick. It was long and straight and thin, just like a pencil. I moved my head right down his shaft and tried to get the tip inside my throat but I couldn’t manage it without gagging.

He lay down and I lay on top of him in a 69 position and I fucked his mouth, moving my hips up and down, while I sucked his prick and felt his balls. We fingered each other’s arses, just as I like to do. In the semi darkness I could see men coming to the window to watch.

Now it was time for the panties. Darren was still lying down on the bed and I slipped the panties over his head a bit like a balaclava, with the double gusset directly over his nose and mouth. . Well he went wild with the smell and the taste. He was breathing in so deep I thought he was going to burst. His little girly tongue came out to lick the gusset, but of course it was pushed away from his tongue as he licked. I knew what to do. I leaned down and kissed him. Our lips, tongues and mouths were kissing, separated only by the cunty smelling gusset. At the same time I was pumping his pencil prick with my palm, up and down, up and down.

Darren now took off the panties and put on his blindfold. He explained he loved to wear it and be used by men for sex, so that he didn’t know who or what was coming next and he wouldn’t know which man had used him. I said that was for later, but now I wanted him to lick my arsehole as he had promised.

I lay down on my knees with my elbows on the bed, and positioned myself at an angle so that the watchers could get a good view of what was going to happen, and so that I could see the window.

What happened next was fantastic. Darren came up behind me and moved his head towards my arse. He stuck out his little girly tongue and rubbed it up and down my crack, right down to my ball sack. Up and down he went.

Then he pulled my two cheeks apart and rimmed my arsehole. Round and round, for what seemed like ages. I was in raptures. Just to make sure nobody was in any doubt about what was going on I called out aloud “Oh yes, lick my arsehole. Lick it, suck it, play with it you dirty cunt.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw more and more men appear at the window. Again and again I moaned out loud in pleasure, then I said “Right you slut, now put your tongue into my arsehole”.

And he did. By now I was wanking furiously, and that combined with a little girly tongue darting into and out of and around my arsehole, and the sight of all those horny men looking longingly at what was happening made me cum. I spunked all over the place. I came and came and came, It was fantastic.

I felt so relaxed I would have done anything to help Darren to come, but he said we wanted to stay and have further adventures, so he would cum later. Unfortunately, I had to get back to work, but Darren stayed.

I found out afterwards that the code is if you leave your door open it’s an invitation for others to join in. I wish I’d known as I’d love to take part in an orgy.

A couple of days later I contacted Darren and asked him to tell me all the sexy details of what happened after I left. It’s such a pity I had to get back to work because he took part in an orgy, the type that I would absolutely love to be part of. He told me he continued to lay on the bed with the door open, and had sex with several men, none of whom he even saw. At one time, with his blindfold still on, there was one cock up his arse with a condom, fucking him, anther cock bareback in his mouth and another man sucking Darren’s cock and wanking his own cock. The wanker started to cum and moved forward so that he came all over Darren’s cock. The sight of this made the arsefucker withdraw, pull off his condom and spray his cum all over Darren’s arse, while mouthfucker came into Darren’s mouth. Darren told me he manfully swallowed the lot.

Oh how I wish I’d been there! I so want to have a threesome or a moresum.