Written by Ever ready

27 Oct 2009

I was heading north on the A roads.I stopped for a bite to eat at a little service area.Went to the loo,there was a young man there having a wash,just shorts on,not going north are you he said as I had a wee.Might be I said why,any chance of a lift he said,where to I asked,I,m going to Scotland he said,Berwick I said,that would be great he replied.

He looked harmless enough,clean and well spoken.I,m going now I said,right he said putting his teeshirt on and stuffing things in his rucksack,there was something about him I liked.In the car we kind of introduced each other,I was happy to have a bit of company.

Visiting London I enquired,no he said I,ve lived there for a while but I,ve had enough,need to get away,my partner turned out to be a right pig.Did she chuck you out I asked glibly,he, he said,that stopped me a little in my tracks.

Would,nt get up for work,thought sex was the only thing that mattered,but it dose,nt pay the bills,not saying I did,nt enjoy the sex like most guys but I had enough,how casual was that,I was'nt sure what to say.

It got even better,we've not had sex for a week,not that he did'nt try,he said,he seemed to be going around with a permanent hardon,would'nt leave me alone for a minute,he would have settled for just a wank in the end but I was'nt going to give him the satisfaction,did'nt even have one myself.

I've had sex with men on my travels but I'd never been in this situation,my cock was rock solid in my pants,in my mind I could see him warding off the attentions of a rampant cock,I was completely sexed up.Did you share a bed I asked,I suddenly wanted to know more,I glanced down between his legs,I could see he had a hardon,he saw me.

Yes he said,but I kept my undies on,him I asked,very naked he replied.How did you stop him doing things to you I asked,he tried his best to get my undies off,but no way,in the end he would just wank himself off all over me,but I was,nt going to do it for him,then I'd had enough so I got out of there.

Have you got a hardon he suddenly asked,there was no use lieing,yes I replied,nice one he said,so have I.Are you gay he asked,I do both I said,married he asked,have been I said did'nt work out,prefer cock he said laughing,I did,nt reply.

He reached accross and touched the front of my pants,wow he said thats nice.Are you alright if I take it out while you're driving,be carefull I said,meaning you don't want me to wank you off,it could be dangerous I replied as he undid my pants.

In the interests of fairness,he said as he took his hand from my zip undid his shorts and pushed them down to his ankles,he lifted his teeshirt up a bit, exposing a beautifull proportioned cock standing proud from a pair of what were obviously girls knickers.

This was beyond my wildest dreams,concentrate on the road he said as I stared at it.He lowered my zip and put his hand inside gripping my cock through my briefs,he undid the bottom buttons on my shirt,lifted the waistband of my briefs and released my cock.My partner would be jealous if he saw this he said,its a beauty.

He pushed the waistband below my balls,watch the road he said as he took my balls in his fingers and felt them individually,I like them he said,he was teasing me a little,he could see my cock jerking in anticipation.

At last he took it in his hand and started a slow wank,I wish my partner could see this he said,I think I wished he could as well.You won't come off will you,he asked,not just yet I said not while I'm driving,give yourself a wank,I can wait he said I want you to be watching the road.

Are you in a hurry to get to Scotland I asked,all the time in the world he replied,fancy stopping over somewhere I asked,I've got no money he said.I'll get a room in a travel lodge if you're willing I said,with this I'm willing he said as he squeesed my cock,and these he said as his hand went back on my balls.

Always wear girls pants I asked,yes he said I love them,I can see why he liked getting them off you I said,I'll enjoy doing that,you will let me take them off won't you, as many times as you like he said.I found the travel lodge and booked in,getting a knowing look from the receptionist,will you be having dinner she asked,perhaps later I said,she looked my friend up and down and smiled,we headed for the room.

I'll have to finish this later,I have something to do.