Written by Ever ready

29 Oct 2009

I enjoyed that...There were'nt too many people in the restaurant,good job,waiter gave us a bit of a funny look,I think he was gay.Where did you meet your ex I asked,toilet he said casually.I,ll bet you were popular in the bogs I said wearing girls undies,like bees around a honeypot at times he said laughing.

Actually,he said,when we first met I was with an old chap in one of the bays,he was completely naked I was in bra and knickers and I was giving him a good sucking,my ex was next door watching us through a hole in the wall.When the old chap had spunked and left my ex put his cock through the hole for a sucking.

There was no lock on the door the cleaner arrived and pushed my door open,I thought we were in trouble,but no,he just said come on lads I,ve got to lock up,you'll have to finish that somewhere else,then laughed as he watched me try to get my cock into my knickers,we met up outside and the rest is history.

Whats it like having your cock up a woman he asked,you mean you've never done it,I said,I was surprised,no he said,nor my ex.Its good I said,I bet you did both holes he said,that was the good thing I told him,I liked to start with my cock in her cunt,then take it out every so often and rub it back to her arsehole lubricating her hole with her own juices,most women like it anyway so once you've got them going you get them in the doggy position,get your cock right up into their cunt and get it well covered in juice,then introduce it to their arsehole.

They like to put their fingers in their own cunt to wank themselves off,while you have the pleasure of their arsehole,sounds good to me he said,but I bet you want to fuck my arsehole right now,I want to fuck every bit of you I said,lets go.

I was fucking rampant when we returned to the bedroom,I was naked in seconds,I,m all yours he said,I bet you want to rip my clothes off.I stripped him down to his knickers again getting on my knees and sucking his cock as I pushed them down and off,he held my head and fucked my mouth as I wanked myself.

We got on the bed for a 69er and mouth fucked each cocks furiously,I made sure I got as much saliva as I could running down his balls and back to his arsehole,working it in with my fingers.Suddenly I had to fuck him,I took my mouth off his cock and said doggy time,he duly obliged.

I knew this was'nt going to be subtle,my cock was covered in his saliva,I,d already loosened his arsehole,I spread his cheeks apart,his hole willingly accepted my cock,I pushed straight in held his hips and started to fuck him hard.

Ballanced on one elbow he wanked himself hard and fast.It was one of the best ramming sessions I,d ever had,I spunked again and again,he'd emptied himself all over the bedclothes.

We did,nt go for breakfast in the morning,I drove him all the way to Glasgow.Thanks for the lift he said,enjoyed it,me too I said.