Written by GAZ

22 Jan 2013

Ive been searching through sex sites,looking at things on cottaging sites,its all a bit new to me,Im a 19 yr old lad..Last year my first job at a hairdressers away from home in leeds.I was going back home for weekend in southport.I wasnt planning to do what I did,it was friday lunchtime and when I put my shorts on and just a teeshirt and I was hoping I could thumb a lift it did cross my mind that I could find myself being picked up by some guy looking to have sex.Id never had sex with anybody,because of my appearance I had been chatted up a few times by old guys,at the swimming pool I go to it has happened many times,they didnt exactly ask but from what was said to me and how thay watched me when I was showering and changing,dont get me wrong I liked what they were doing even though I let on I didnt notice it.At first it was one of them who when there would be just 2 of us in the changing room would stay naked,that was when I saw a guy for the first time with a hardon,he must have thought I was stupid,when somebody came in he quickly covered himself up.we would both play the game he would try to get to be in the changing rooms on his own at the same time I was there and i liked seeing him with a hardon,he must have thought I was completely stupid.

I wasnt far out of leeds when a guy pulled up in his car,a fancy job,he was about 60 very well dressed,smelled of deoderant.He asked where i was heading and i told him I was a trainee hairdresser and i was working in leeds.We wre just talking about everything,my shorts had pulled up my legs so my thighs wre bare,I could see him glance down at my legs,it was as if I could smell it,there was something about the things he was saying,it was like the guys in the swimming baths,I could almost tell that he was thinking about sex.

If he hadnt done anything then that would have been that,but without saying a word he put his hand on my thigh,i could feel myself shiver he just said its ok its ok,i wont hurt you,with that he moved his fingers up along my thigh and up inside the leg of my shorts,I didnt try to stop him,so he didnt stop,I wear briefs,he pushed his fingers to the front of them and felt my cock through them.

He was saying all them things about a nice body and things.He turned off the main road ans after a couple of minutes we were parked outside an old toilet block near a picnic area.Looking back i have no idea why I just went with him into the toilets,we both ended up in one of the cubicles and right away he started to undress me,when I said i wasnt sure he said it was alright,I let him take all my clothes off and all the time he was going on about how nice i looked,it wasnt as if Id never been naked with a man before,it happened a lot in the swimming pool changing rooms.

He took his own clothes off,he did what he did with mine he folded them neatly and put them on the cistern,I had a hardon and when he was naked he had one too.He put his arms around my back and pulled me tight up against him,he was gripping the cheeks of my bottom and rubbing our cocks hard together.We wanked each other for ages,something id never before done with somebody else,I really enjoyed doing it.we ended up taking turns to suck each others cocks until I dont know how long we were in there before he spunked in my mouth,i didnt swallow it,then he sucked me off but he swallowed it.Ive done it several times since then.I know my story isnt great,but other things have happened since then.