Written by Youngatheart26

14 Dec 2009

Hi there and thanks for your feed back.

As she looked at me i could now see she was wanking her man who had his fingers inside her pussy and she was caressing one of her tit's with her free hand.

She beckoned me over to join them and with this my cock began to stir once more,i stood up and moved towards them she stood up and moved one seat away from her man pointing for me to sit between them.

They both then put a hand on each of my thighs and started up towards my throbbing cock,my left hand went straight onto her pussy which was soaking in lovely juices and my right hand went around his swollen cock wanking him nice and slowly.

It was'nt long b4 they had my jeans below my knees and i had 2 hands wanking me off.

She put her hand at the back of my head and pulled me onto her ample tits which i sucked,kissed and licked for all i was worth it was then i felt warm breath on my cock and her man began to suck me and wank me at the same time,it was fucking heaven.

After about 10 mins of fingers in pussys, lips on tits and cock in mouth the lady rose from her seat still facing the film and moved in front of me and bent over the seat so that her arse and pussy were in my face i began licking her arse cheeks while i fingered her pussy,i rimmed her and put my tongue in her arsehole she was grinding her hips and pushing her arse into my face after a little while she pushed her man of my cock and slowly positioned her pussy onto my lubricated cock and started riding me for all she was worth my right hand went to her mans cock and i wanked him while she rode me,fuck it was brilliant.

I soon began to feel that tingling that you get when your starting to cum so i put both hands on her thighs and pushed her hard down on my cock and shot my hot creamy spunk into her waiting pussy.

After a cpl of mins she got off me and sat dowm putting her fingers in her pussy then licking my spunk off them.

it was now that her man put his hand behind my head and pulled me onto his swollen cock which i began to wank and suck it tasted good suddenly his back arched and my mouth was full of his hot cream which i swallowed all but a little that dribbled onto his balls.

what an afternoon everything a guy could wish for,wanking,sucking and fucking all in one.

I pulled my jeans up smiled a thank you to them both and made my exit totally sated with an enormous grin on my face and a very limp dick,ill never think of Nottingham again without remembering my great day at the pictures.